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Protected Bikeway Network Developing in Berkeley

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: July 27, 2016

By the end of 2017, Berkeley could start to have a mini-network of much-needed comfortable, lower-stress bikeways in its busy downtown and southside areas. The network might even look like the map shown here, with green showing protected facilities and purple comfortable neighborhood bikeways. And its a good thing, as central Berkeley has some of the highest concentrations of bicycling in the nation.

What projects are coming up?

  • Fulton Street protected bike lane completed May 2016. Staff ready to extend protected bike lane south to Dwight Way after a construction project concludes. Read more about Fulton Street bikeway here
  • Hearst Avenue Complete Street project construction starts soon and should complete by May 2017. Expect new protected bike lanes on many of the blocks of this project, between Shattuck Avenue and Euclid Avenue. Read more about our ‘pop-up’ bikeway on Hearst Avenue
  • Bancroft Way repaving is planned for Summer 2017, and in advance, Berkeley is redesigning the street with a two-way cycle track and bus-only lane to be piloted on the old pavement this January. The pilot project was approved unanimously by City Council on September 27. AC Transit’s Southside Pilot Project could extend the Bancroft Way protected bike lanes east to Piedmont Avenue.
  • Dana Street protected two-way cycle track has been approved by Council and should be done by September 2017. Dana’s bikeway will extend from Bancroft Way to Dwight Way, and complete a key northbound gap in the cross-campus bikeway at Cal. Bicyclists can’t currently access this route from Dana Street, which is a southbound one-way.
  • Milvia Street protected bike lanes are the highest priority project in the Berkeley Bicycle Plan, currently being updated and with an expected council approval January 2017. The Transportation Commission gave strong direction to staff to improve further the draft Bicycle Plan and get Milvia Street ready to go. Read up on Milvia Street protected bike lane design options.
  • Berkeley’s first Protected Intersection is open at the intersection of The Alameda & Hopkins. While not in the downtown area, it was inspired by Fulton Street’s new protected bike lane, and will help Berkeley potentially design a protected intersection corner as part of the Bancroft Way protected bike lane. Read all about it.
  • Berkeley’s new Bicycle Plan includes 20 protected bike lanes and 10 protected intersections. It goes to City Council on February 28, 2017. Learn more here.

Thanks for your continued support to make these projects happen.

More on our Berkeley Bikeways Campaign.

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