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Berkeley has completed a major update to its Bicycle Plan and now its time to get new bikeways into repaving projects.

Berkeley approved an innovative new bike plan on May 2 and is currently busy building two new bikeways that are high priorities in that plan–Hearst Avenue and Bancroft Way. Thanks to our effective advocacy, Berkeley will get to work next year on Milvia Street, the highest priority bikeway of the plan. Your 130+ emails to City Council and almost 30 speakers staying through the night in support on May 2 are what made the difference.


Buses and Bikes Play Nice on Hearst Avenue

Buses and Bikes Play Nice on Hearst Avenue

Hearst Avenue is Berkeley’s newest protected bikeway—running six blocks from Shattuck Avenue uphill to Euclid Avenue—and the second to open within the past two months near UC Berkeley. It is now safer and easier to walk, bike, and take transit near campus thanks to new green-painted protected...
Bike Lane Boom

Bike Lane Boom

By Dave Campbell, Advocacy Director A version of this article first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of Bike East Bay’s RideOn magazine, one of many benefits of membership....
Guide to New Bancroft Way

Guide to New Bancroft Way

The new Bancroft Way features a two-way protected bike lane (cycle track) that connects Fulton Street’s protected bike lane to UC Berkeley’s cross-campus bikeways and Dana Street’s bike lane. The new cycle track allows you to bike uphill for the first time on Bancroft Way. Additionally, the new...

East Bancroft Bikeway Extension

Set to come in 2019, the East Bancroft Way project will feature a two-way protected bike lane that will connect the Bowditch Bicycle Boulevard with UC Berkeley’s campus and the bike lanes on Piedmont Avenue. This will improve bicycle mobility and access to UC Berkeley, the Southside area, and the...


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