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Potholes, traffic signals that aren’t detecting bikes, glass in the bike lane… There are lots of non-emergency maintenance issues that can make bicycle trips more difficult. The good news? You can help! Report problems, get them fixed, and prevent mishaps for everyone who bikes in that area.

Use the following resources for information on where to report and guidelines for making effective reports.

Having trouble or not hearing back from your city? Let us know.


    • SeeClickFix mobile app (Android downloadApple iOS download): We recommend using the free SeeClickFix mobile app or website to report issues. These reports are visible to the public and you can include a photo.
    • Other resources: Some cities accept hazard reports via other mobile app, website form, phone number, or email address. Find your city in our list below. If you aren’t sure who to contact or need help, please let us know.

Hazard Reporting Guidelines

    • Read these guidelines for tips on how to submit your report and what information to include.

Find Your City

    • Use the apps, phone numbers, or website links below to access hazard reporting resources throughout the East Bay.
        • SeeClickFix *official* noted in green means that city has a formal relationship with the SeeClickFix service and will respond to all issues reported.

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