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Illustration of a bicycle and pedestrian pathway under the elevated BART tracks, with murals painted on the concrete columns and adults and families walking and biking below
The East Bay Greenway is a planned, 30-mile bicycle and pedestrian facility connecting from Oakland to South Hayward and eventually Fremont, linking between BART stations via a series of trails and protected bikeways.

About the East Bay Greenway

Originally proposed as a rail-to-trail conversion taking over the Union Pacific train tracks, the East Bay Greenway has since shifted to delivering mostly on-street bike facilities as the initial phase, adding physically protected bikeways on major corridors including E 12th Street in Oakland, San Leandro Street and E 14th Street in San Leandro, and Mission Blvd in Hayward. While this work moves forward, additional planning is happening for further extensions south through Union City and Fremont.

Despite the increase in the number of high quality bikeways around the East Bay, this Greenway will run through some areas where the network is still sparse and good biking and walking routes are hard to come by. By connecting between communities as well as to transit hubs this project will improve traffic safety on disinvested high-injury corridors while also providing access to opportunity as well as healthy and sustainable, multi-modal trips.

This corridor is divided into many individual projects in various communities, some in the earlier planning stages, some with funding and detailed design, some already under construction, and a few segments already completed. Sign up for action alerts below to hear about the progress, and ways you can get involved with connecting the dots and completing this amazing facility.

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