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East Bay Greenway Updates: Oakland, Hayward, and Fremont

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: May 24, 2024

photo of signs and barricades in front of a dug-up construction zone for the East Bay Greenway path on San Leandro St in Oakland

Our visionary East Bay Greenway campaign from Oakland to Fremont is making progress. But a few segments still need attention to ensure continuous facilities for all ages and abilities. Read on to learn more…

Construction and Funding Wins in Oakland

photo of a barricaded pathway construction site beneath the BART tracks on San Leandro St in Oakland
East Bay Greenway construction on San Leandro St north of Coliseum BART, Oakland

Earlier in 2024 we learned $30M in federal grant funding was awarded to enable the Oakland-San Leandro portion of the East Bay Greenway corridor, with protected bikeways & trails on E 12th Street, San Leandro Street, and E 14th Street.

The segments led by the county, shown in green on the map below, are expected to start construction by the end of 2025 and take two years to complete.

But separate work led by the City of Oakland has already started, including an off-street bike/walk trail segment on San Leandro Street from 66th Ave to Seminary (photo above), under construction now through the end of 2024. This project will also install new street lighting and 70 new street trees.

Another segment also led by the city on E 12th Street from Fruitvale BART to 54th Ave will be constructed in 2025 (concept plans here).

map of the East Bay Greenway alignment through Oakland

Progress and Setbacks on Mission Boulevard in Hayward

Late last year we and our partners at Bike Hayward were disappointed in a decision from the City of Hayward to move the East Bay Greenway alignment away from Mission Blvd through Downtown and onto side streets (more info from Bike Hayward here).

This change makes for a less direct route with more turns, and reduces the opportunity to address long-standing safety and access issues on Mission itself.

Since then a community advisory committee was formed (including Bike Hayward) to help inform the project design and outcomes. This process could result in renewing the project focus on Mission Blvd.

The project manager Alameda CTC is now asking for input on the side streets alignment through Hayward. We encourage you to complete this survey, but also comment that continuous and physically separated bikeways are needed throughout the East Bay Greenway, and that the Mission Blvd alignment needs to be revisited.

Click below to complete the survey (responses due by May 31, 2024)

You can also add your comments to the online map here:

Project page:

map of proposed East Bay Greenway alignment through Hayward on Grand St, Silvia Ave, and Whitman St

Thankfully, a separate portion of the East Bay Greenway in Hayward just to the north on Mission Blvd is currently being built out between A Street and Rose Street (construction plans here).

This project includes a raised, protected bikeway, new street trees, street lights, and sidewalks. Construction will continue through 2024.

photo of bikeway construction site on Mission Blvd in Hayward
East Bay Greenway construction on Mission Blvd in Hayward

Celebrations And Visionary Thinking in Fremont

There is a lot to celebrate in Fremont, including a $44 Million state funding award for the East Bay Greenway on their part of Mission Blvd.

This will provide 7.7 miles of continuous protected bikeways in each direction from Lexington Ave in Union City to the 680 interchange in Fremont. Construction is estimated to start in 2028.

On May 11 we also celebrated along with Fremont elected officials, Bike Fremont, and other community members at the ribbon cutting for a new protected intersection at Walnut / Liberty, the city’s 15th such facility with several more on the way!

photo of Fremont elected officials and community members cutting a ceremonial ribbon for a new protected bikeway facility

This celebration involved an infrastructure tour bike ride exploring some existing and planned segments of the East Bay Greenway, such as a connection to the future Irvington BART station where the city is already installing connecting bikeways.

If you couldn’t make it to our group ride but still want to check out the new infrastructure, you can find our route along with waypoints at the link below:

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This article is part of our East Bay Greenway campaign, providing info updates and organizing opportunities for corridor improvements all the way form Oakland to Fremont.

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