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What Measure BB does for bicycling

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 8, 2014

Here are the specific dollar amounts for bike/ped projects in Measure BB

  • $651 million for dedicated bike/ped project funding
  • 15% of Local Streets & Roads funds directed at bikeways and per projects-approximately $232.02 million
  • That all Measure BB monies will conform to the Complete Streets Policy Requirements of Alameda County, which requires each City in Alameda County to have a Complete Streets policy that includes Elements of an Ideal Complete Streets Policy
  • $22 million for a bike/ped bridge over I-80 in Emeryville; $5 million bike/ped under crossing as part of the Gilman interchange in Berkeley; safety improvement on Marin Avenue in Albany; a new Fruitvale Bridge with bike lanes; bike lanes on Lewelling Blvd in San Lorenzo; redesigned Whipple Road/I-880 interchange with bike lanes; Dublin Blvd widening with bike lanes; upgraded State Route 84 with bike lanes in Fremont; and more

In addition, $300 million is allocated to Transit-Oriented Development projects around BART stations, and this program will help construct many Safe Routes to Transit projects for cyclists and pedestrians.

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