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What ADA Access Issues Do You Have? Caltrans Wants to Know

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: August 13, 2021

Caltrans is ramping up efforts to make state highways ADA accessible, including their sidewalks, curb ramps, bicycle facilities, parking, etc. Bike East Bay for years has advocated for traffic calming and worked with ADA advocates to ensure accessibility, and more recently worked on accessible protected bike lane designs and accessible roundabouts, and we will be sharing our experience and learning in this area with Caltrans. But you too can make Caltrans aware of any ADA access issues you have on state highways in your city.

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In Fremont, we worked with California School for the Blind on Walnut Avenue and their new raised bike lanes, in Hayward on new raised bike lanes coming to Mission Blvd soon, and with representatives from the Ed Roberts Campus on the new raised bike lanes on Shellmound Street in Emeryville and Hearst Avenue in Berkeley. In Lafayette and Alamo, we are actively in new roundabout designs, trying to get good bike lanes designed into these new roundabouts. One way we try to do that is ensure there is only one travel lane entering the roundabout from each direction, not two travel lanes, as Lafayette built with their roundabout on Olympic Blvd at Pleasant Hill Road.

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