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Weekday Bay Bridge Path Access Returns to Treasure Island

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: May 22, 2023

After years of waiting, the weekday bike re-connection between the Bay Bridge East Span pathway and Yerba Buena/Treasure Island is open again!

This connection enables the opportunity for a full transbay commute 7 days per week via the bridge pathway from the East Bay to the island, and then taking either the short-hop ferry service or the Muni Line 25 bus (info below) the rest of the way to San Francisco. While we are happy to see this phase of the larger East Bay-to-SF “Bay Skyway” project wrap up, the current bike connection is very inaccessible.

Be aware: The connection to Treasure Island along Macalla Road includes a protected bikeway in the uphill direction, but currently only shared bike/car lanes downhill. This segment is short but very steep, so it is NOT recommended to anyone who isn’t comfortable and experienced with fast downhill biking and uphill climbing.

Heading up the hill from Treasure Island, don’t miss the “switchback” path to the right which will help make some of the climbing a little easier, although there is still a significant incline after that.

Ferry connection info

  • $5 fare (no Clipper), pay in advance online or on-board the vessel
  • Ferries scheduled to leave Treasure Island for SF at 7:30am, 8:10am, and 8:45am. We hope to make the 8:10 ferry but if all else fails we will make the 8:45 departure.
  • Each ferry officially carries up to 6 bikes, but they are known to take up to 10 – Ebikes and cargo bikes are allowed.
  • Complete details on the ferry connection are here

Bus connection info

What’s next?

Thankfully, the current condition on Macalla Road as the only bike route to the island is temporary, and construction of a somewhat easier route on the other side along Treasure Island Road is underway. The rebuild of Treasure Island Road happening over the next several years will include a separated 2-way protected bikeway to the Bay Bridge East Span path, which will still be a hill but considerably less steep than Macalla. Concept drawings for this work are included below.

This work will also include construction of the landing infrastructure for the future pathway extension on the Bay Bridge West Span the rest of the way to San Francisco!

Learn more about Bike East Bay’s campaign to complete the Bay Bridge pathway to San Francisco here.

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