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Telegraph Ave: Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: June 2, 2016

Our thanks go out to everyone who has helped with the rollout of parking protected bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue. Your outreach has helped educate the community and gather feedback, which is fostering a dialogue for continued improvements to how the street operates. Keep being our eyes and ears on the street. The lessons learned will be invaluable for future protected bikeway projects.

We ask all Telegraph bicyclists to continue engaging in a helpful, cooperative manner with motorists improperly parked in the bike lane or in the beige areas adjacent to parking spaces. Friendly and knowledgeable bike lane ambassadors can make all the difference with how the lanes are perceived by the community, because at the end of the day, it’s all about people.

Guidelines for Telegraph Ambassadors

  • If you see a car parked in the bike lane, leave them an “Oops, you parked in the bike lane” informational flyer Download here, or grab a stack from our Oakland office at 466 Water St in Jack London Square. If you catch a motorist leaving or returning to their improperly parked car, politely explain the new parking setup to them in person. Most people are still learning.
  • Speak in a helpful tone from the start. We’re helping drivers learn the new redesign, and we want them to be able to park without getting ticketed. We also don’t want you getting into an altercation with anyone. Arguments are prevented when motorists see that you have their best interest in mind. A good thing to say is “I don’t want you to get a ticket.”
  • If a motorist is determined to start a confrontation, move on.
  • Yield to pedestrians as you bicycle in Telegraph’s new bike lanes
  • If loading/unloading activities are taking place in the bike lane, feel free to mention that there are designated yellow-curb loading zones on Telegraph Avenue and on some side streets, and encourage deliver people to use them.
  • While not official, many large delivery trucks are parking in the center turn lane area, and that is fine with Bike East Bay. A lot of loading activity takes place on Telegraph Avenue and there needs to remain places for trucks to stop–it’s part of the economic activity on Telegraph Avenue
  • If you see something going on in the bike lane, please do not automatically assume it is the responsibility of the adjacent business. While the delivery activity may be related to the adjacent business/building, it does not mean that the adjacent business is responsible for your bike lane being blocked. Bike East Bay is working with businesses and building owners on their loading and trash dumpster issues and trying to figure out how best to resolve. Thanks for your patience.


The KONO district has never been better for bicycling, and we encourage bicyclists to patronize the area’s shops, bars, cafes and other businesses to show that bike-friendly streets make economic sense. Please continue to patronize local Telegraph businesses, even if you see a loading truck parked in the bike lane out in front of that business. The goal here is a successful project. To see a list of bike-friendly businesses on Telegraph Avenue, check out our #ShopTelegraph page.

Thank the City of Oakland

Send an email of thanks to [email protected] or call: 510.587.9435. You can also show your appreciate on social media and tag @BikeEastBay and @Oakland.

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