West Berkeley PAC - Circulation Master Plan

West Berkeley PAC Meeting
North Berkeley Senior Center


  • Traffic In West Berkeley - Release of the much anticipated Circulation Existing Conditions Report, including Weekend Conditions! (see attachment below)
  • APC Signage - Getting between 4th St and the Rail Stop and Aquatic Park and the Bike Bridge could be a lot easier - final design to be presented.
  • Plus Agency Low Income Housing and the Auto Overlay Zoning

Bike Tour of Berkeley Worker Cooperatives

Free 90 minute bike ride with guided tours of several of Berkeley's cooperatively owned businesses.

New bike lanes approved for Gilman

[g2:900 class="right" size=300]Brand new bike lanes on Gilman (in Berkeley) will provide critical gap closure in that city's bike network. Besides providing access to an important commercial corridor, it will provide linkage between the Ohlone Trail and Bay Trail.

Gilman is part of Berkeley's Bicycle Master plan, and the repaving project currently underway provided the opportunity for implementing bike lane striping.

Caldecott 4th Bore Notice of Determination

[g2:894 class="right"]Caltrans has released the Environmental Impact Report for the Caldecott 4th Bore project. As feared, the agency has dismissed concerns of traffic impacts to local streets in Berkeley and North Oakland.

Day 1: Free Bicycle Safety Class

Malcolm X Elementary School, Library
Ashby & King, Berkeley. To sign up, email Dave Campbell at or call the Berkeley Bikestation at 510.548.7433. No bike needed for Day 1.

For more info: Free Bicycle Safety Classes

July 26, 2007

1. Meeting Administration

Chair: Marcy Greenhut

Staff: Heath Maddox

Bryce Nesbit
Hank Resnik
Claire Risley
Marcy Greenhut (Commissioner)
Eric McCaughrin (Commissioner)
Phil Morton
Dave Campbell
Aaron Welsch

Future agenda items proposed - traffic circle improvements (Phil), using yield signs instead of stop signs.

Marcy appointed Chair
Eric appointed Subcommittee Secretary

2. Public Comment: None

3. Bicycle components of the DAPAC planning process:

Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting

Bicycle Subcommittee of the City Transportation Commission
September 6, 5-7:00pm
Public Works Department
Transportation Division
1947 Center Street, 3rd Floor "Dawn Redwood” Conference Room

Agenda topics: TBD

Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting (Transportation Commission)

Berkeley's bicycle subcommittee has been reconstituted and will once again be holding regular meetings.

Bicycle Subcommittee of the City Transportation Commission
July 26, 5-7:00pm
Public Works Department
Transportation Division
1947 Center Street, 3rd Floor "Dawn Redwood” Conference Room

Agenda topics:
Meeting administration
DAPAC planning process
Gilman Street repaving
Cross-BPAC meeting with Oakland and Emeryville

Berkeley repaving schedule

The City of Berkeley maintains an online repaving schedule. This presents opportunities to expand the bike network without having to spend dedicated bike funds.


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