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San Leandro Crosstown Corridors


San Leandro approved its bike plan in 2018 and the top two projects to implement are Bancroft Avenue and Williams Street–the “crosstown corridors.” Five student ambassadors are helping with community outreach this Summer in San Leandro, but you can help too. Register here to stay up to date on the latest volunteer opportunities for this project.

Volunteer Nights

We’ll tackle large scale projects while socializing with fellow Bike East Bay members and supporters. Snacks will be provided. Feel free to sign up even if you need to come late or leave early!


Bike East Bay Courier Team

Can you spare a few hours to help us deliver posters, newsletters, and more? Join the Courier Team!


Community Agreement

Bike East Bay strives to make our spaces welcoming to everyone. See here to read more!

Free Volunteer Membership

Volunteer 10 hours with us in a three month period in exchange for a one year Bike East Bay individual membership. Email Volunteer@BikeEastBay.org for more information.


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