The Bike East Bay Team

Jill Holloway: Co-Executive Director of People and Operations

Jill Holloway Jill Holloway (she/her) joined Bike East Bay as the Operations Director in June 2021 and oversees finance, human resources, contracting, and operations for the organization. She stepped into the role of Co-Executive Director of People and Operations at the end of 2022. Her background is in environmental engineering and she previously owned a zero-waste business in Oakland. She graduated with an MBA from UC Davis in 2018. Since moving from Pennsylvania to Davis in 2013 her appreciation for biking and advocacy for safer streets has continuously grown and she is thrilled to be part of the movement that Bike East Bay is building.

Contact Jill at: Jill (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Justin Hu-Nguyen: Co-Executive Director of Mobility Justice

Justin Hu-Nguyen Justin Hu-Nguyen (he/him) joined Bike East Bay as Co-Executive Director of Mobility Justice in February 2023. He identifies as a second-generation Vietnamese American, born and raised in Milpitas, CA. Justin and his family have called Oakland home for the past 6 years. He started his career at the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus in the California State Legislature before entering into the mobility justice realm, first through leading community engagement for Bay Area bikeshare expansion and creating the Equity Policy team at Lyft. Most recently, Justin served as the Director of Advocacy for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC). Justin is extremely excited to be part of the movement in creating a more equitable, resilient, and thriving East Bay. In his new position at Bike East Bay, he looks forward to bringing the joy, freedom, and empowerment of biking to all communities.

Contact Justin at: Justin (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Naomi Primero: Operations Coordinator

Naomi Primero (they/she) joined Bike East Bay as the Operations Coordinator in August 2022. They have a background in the food industry, ranging from food accessibility to beverage service, and in legal administration. They see mobility justice and food justice as inextricably related and are excited to work behind the scenes to make riding accessible for their neighbors and community members. Naomi continues to support operations/admin in the legal and food industry worlds. Outside of work, they could be found running around the parks of Oakland or testing drink recipes with tea. 

Contact Naomi at: Naomi (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Robert Prinz: Advocacy Director

Robert PrinzRobert Prinz (he/him) got involved with Bike East Bay first as a member and volunteer in 2009, then received his bike instructor certification and started teaching classes, then was hired as an intern and eventually full time staff managing the free bike ed program, then as Advocacy Director. Robert served as the chair of Emeryville’s bike/walk advisory committee during their 2012 bike plan update process, and as vice chair of the Oakland bike/walk commission leading up to their 2019 bike plan. Transportation planning can sometimes be lofty and obtuse, but Bike East Bay provided an approachable and fun way for him to get into this field. Robert appreciates that he gets to meet and learn from so many different people about what biking and active mobility means to them, the direct impact it has on their quality of life, and how it overlaps with other important issues. Robert’s nerdiest claim to fame was being featured in a Dear Abby column about California bicycle laws in 2013. 

Contact Robert at: Robert (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Stephen Marea: Community Organizer

Stephen Marea joined Bike East Bay as the Community Organizer in December 2021. Stephen began bike organizing in Portland, Oregon to try and help bring diversity to the roads, and was able to co-organize and then solo organize the Black Liberation Ride on Juneteenth in 2020 and 2021. Those events provided inspiration to keep creating opportunities for community spaces for BI&POC riders. Something that excites Stephen about working with Bike East Bay is connecting with local communities and trying to eliminate barriers and obstacles that may prevent people from riding more often.

Contact Stephen at: Stephen (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Dani Solis: Education Co-Manager

Dani Solis Dani Solis (she/her) joined Bike East Bay in 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, and became the Education Co-Manager in 2022 to lead class scheduling for over 100 free bicycle education classes the program offers each year. Dani is a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor and is excited to introduce people to joyful movement through bicycling. She holds a BA in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley and envisions a future where people can walk, bike, roll, and scoot without worrying about their safety. Two fun facts about Dani: She is the only Bike East Bay staff member from the Bay Area, and she is also working to open a Panamanian food business and is currently a participant in Oakland Bloom’s Open Test Kitchen Program.

Contact Dani at: Dani (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Rebecca Saltzman: Development Director

Rebecca (she/her) joined Bike East Bay as the Development Director in June 2022, bringing two decades of non-profit and campaign fundraising and management experience to the position. She began working on transportation issues as a volunteer, supporting AC Transit’s bus rapid transit project and serving on Oakland’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. At the California League of Conservation Voters (now California Environmental Voters), she worked to advance state policy on transportation, environmental justice, and smart growth issues. As an elected member of the BART Board of Directors, she worked with advocates and board members to repeal BART’s rule prohibiting bikes during peak hours, and she has worked to invest in bicycle and pedestrian access to BART stations. 

At Bike East Bay, Rebecca is excited to work with the team and community to advance transportation justice and to make the East Bay a place where everyone is safe and feels comfortable biking. Improving street safety is personally important to her - Rebecca, her wife, and their toddler love walking around El Cerrito, where they live, and are eager to bike together when the little one is bigger.

Contact Rebecca at: Rebecca (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Caitlin Gleason: Events Manager

Caitlin (she/her) joined Bike East Bay as Events Manager in February 2023. She comes to Bike East Bay with 10 years of nonprofit experience, most recently in the New York City arts world. Originally from Northern California, she and her family have relocated back to the West Coast after a decade in Brooklyn, where she was an avid bike commuter and active member of Transportation Alternatives. She is someone who believes strongly that cycling makes everything better, and that cycling should be safely accessible to everyone. With a background and passion for arts, culture, and community, Caitlin is excited to tap into the energy of the East Bay to amplify and grow Bike East Bay’s mission in exciting new ways.

When not working, Caitlin lives in Oakland with her husband and two daughters, and is working on getting used to riding on the steep East Bay hills.

Contact Caitlin at: Caitlin (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Marissa Deitz: Database Manager

Marissa DeitzMarissa Deitz (she/they) began working with Bike East Bay during Bike to Work Day in 2017, and has been involved in various aspects of the Membership program ever since. She became Database Manager in June 2021. Marissa supports the Bike East Bay team with administrative work behind the scenes, and believes in the impact that accessible, people-powered transportation can have on all her fellow East Bay residents.

Marissa holds an MFA in Experimental Music & Recording Media from Mills College, and spends her time off the bike involved in writing, teaching, and performing music.

Contact Marissa at: Marissa (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org



Philip Whitfield: Membership Coordinator

Phil Whitfield (he/they) began working in fundraising and campaign work for nonprofits in 2019. He joined Bike East Bay as Membership Coordinator in June of 2021, and is responsible for membership communications, volunteer and outreach coordination, and managing donations. Phil began biking as a kid in Texas, where he experienced the difficulties of urban sprawl and inadequate public transportation firsthand. Phil moved to Oakland from Texas in 2014, and hopes to contribute to the expansion of safe and accessible biking across the region. He has an Anthropology degree from the University of Texas - Arlington and a Master’s in Anthropology from San Francisco State University.

Contact Phil at: Phil (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Teo Octavia Saragi: Communications Manager

Teo Saragi

Teo Octavia Saragi (they/them) joined Bike East Bay as the Communications Manager in August 2021. Teo’s background in policy advocacy, creative storytelling, and community organizing informs their approach to social justice-centered strategic communications work. Teo holds a BA in Public Policy Analysis, Sociology, and Asian American Studies from Pomona College and is excited to apply their knowledge of digital activism to the transportation &  mobility justice movement in ways that uplift communities of color. Outside of work, you can find Teo searching the Bay Area for the tastiest vegetarian/vegan dishes, visiting local bakeries, and taking scenic walks with their dog, Coconut.

Contact Teo at: Teo (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org


Diana Cantoran-Perez: Digital Engagement Fellow

Diana Cantoran-Perez (she/her) joined Bike East Bay in August 2022 as the Digital Engagement Fellow. Through her experience in graphic design, environmental blog writing, and advocacy work, Diana hopes to share Bike East Bay’s mission with a wider audience. She attends UC Berkeley as a Social Welfare major in her sophomore year. During high school, Diana grew passionate about environmental health and equitable rights for everyone in terms of the built environment.

Contact Diana at: Diana (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org



Koby Tesfay: Digital Engagement & Events Fellow

Koby Tesfay (he/him) joined Bike East Bay in August 2022 as the Digital Engagement & Events Fellow. Koby is a junior studying at Cal. Growing up in a car dependent city such as Los Angeles, Koby was very excited to move to the East Bay and have access to other means of transportation. Koby is excited to have access to BART, AC Transit, and living in a bikeable community. Alternative transportation methods have always interested him, and now he gets to take the BART to work and bike around campus in his free time. Koby is eager to work as a fellow at Bike East Bay because this opportunity will allow him to address broad issues relating to climate justice and transportation justice. Fun fact: Koby learned to ride a bike on his 9th birthday!

Contact Koby at: Koby (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org