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Scott Butcher, Bike Month Winner

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: June 26, 2018


Meet Scott Butcher, one of Bike East Bay’s newest members and the winner of a generous bike package donated by Alameda Bicycle and Bike Hub.

Scott picked up bicycling four years ago after volunteering at the Otter Pop stop on the 545 mile Aids Lifecycle Ride. Impressed by the commitment of the riders, Scott decided he wanted to start bicycling and join Lifecycle the following year. He started training in Tahoe, pushing himself to go further day after day to build his endurance at elevation.


“I liked the quiet loneliness of riding,” said Scott. “It’s a good way to put my thoughts together.” This year will be Scott’s fourth year participating in the Life Cycle Ride.


Scott recently moved to Oakland from San Francisco, where he was a member of the San Francisco Bike Coalition. On Bike to Work Day in May, he stopped at our energizer station in Oakland and decided to join Bike East Bay. “I knew there was an equivalent organization in the East Bay and it seems like I should be supporting the bike advocacy group where I live,” said Scott.


Welcome to the Bike East Bay community, Scott! Want to join Scott as a member of Bike East Bay? Join today!



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