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Mt. Diablo: Release and Map

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: May 8, 2020

For Immediate Release: 

Diablo, California is a private community. Bike East Bay was involved in a lawsuit where the issue of whether the general public had the right to use Calle Arroyo Road, a road in Diablo, was litigated. In that case, the Court issued a judgment, a copy of which is attached to this press release, whereby the judge confirmed that Calle Arroyo Road is a private road and the general public has no express or implied easement to use it. Documentation from the Diablo Community Services District specifically states the public has a right to use the roads. This was our argument in court. The judge ruled otherwise, and although the issue of other roads in Diablo was not expressly litigated, the Court indicated it would likely reach a similar conclusion that all roads in Diablo, including Alameda Diablo, are private and not open to the general public for purposes of riding bikes through the community. We have been expressly warned by residents of Calle Arroyo Road that they will consider any unauthorized use of Calle Arroyo by members of the general public, for purpose of accessing Mt. Diablo, to be trespassing. We are also informed that the County Sheriff has informed the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit that appropriate steps will be taken to prevent this from happening.

It is Bike East Bay’s position and recommendation that Bay Area bicyclists avoid using roads in Diablo to access Mt. Diablo. We understand safety concerns with Diablo Road and are actively working with public agencies to create an alternative route for bicyclists and pedestrians to access Mt. Diablo from the west. In the interim, given the safety concerns which arise when using the small and narrow roads in Diablo, it is our recommendation that bicyclists either access Mt. Diablo via North Gate (Walnut Creek side) or from the east, using the dedicated bike lane. Cyclists coming from outside the area may also park and stage their ride at the Athenian School (on weekends only) or Blackhawk Soccer Field to ride up Mt. Diablo.

Map & Guide

The map above shows graphically ways to bicycle up Mt. Diablo without having to bicycle through Diablo. The map also shows a potential future pathway that Bike East Bay hopes the Town of Danville can build on the southside of Diablo Road. Part of this pathway is being built in connection with the voter-approved Magee Preserve development project.

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