Big Turnout for Berkeley Bicycle Plan Update

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: April 28, 2015

Bike supporters filled the conference room at the Downtown Berkeley Library on April 27, with a rousing show of energy and ideas for improving bicycling in Berkeley. An estimated crowd of 130 people enjoyed an open house style workshop, hovering over many large city maps and drawing on them to identify challenging spots to bicycle, a ‘Big Idea’ wall, a kids drawing table, laptops to take an online survey, and an array of display boards loaded with good information and a few incredible stats.

For example, 24.5% of all collisions in Berkeley involve a person bicycling. This is much higher than other cities and underscores the need to upgrade Berkeley’s bicycle facilities to meet a huge demand. Also, 90% Berkeley residents state that they either bicycle or are interested in bicycling more. Another stat way higher than other cities, where ofter as many as 30% of the population would never consider bicycling no matter how great it was.

More coverage here in Berkeleyside.

What you can do:

  1. If you missed the open house, please take the City’s online survey to provide your input. Go to:
  2. Volunteer with our Berkeley Bikeways Campaign
  3. Contact our Advocacy Director Dave Campbell with any great ideas you have or specific ways you would like to get involved
  4. Check out what our members are asking for in the Bicycle Plan update
  5. Check out innovative bikeways in Copenhagen, a City that Berkeley can learn a lot from.



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