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Telegraph Avenue in the middle of repaving, mid-June.

A new, smooth ride is coming to a mile-long stretch of Telegraph Avenue in Oakland’s Temescal district this month. The more than 10 blocks of smooth new bike lanes are a huge step forward in making a connected, protected Telegraph Avenue a reality. But the fun doesn’t stop there: additional improvements are on tap for other sections of Telegraph Avenue this year too. Want to help build a network of connected bike lanes across the East Bay? Become a Bike East Bay member today.

In the Temescal District of Oakland, Telegraph Avenue’s days of looking like the surface of the moon are over. A mile-long stretch of Telegraph Avenue between West MacArthur Boulevard and 52nd Street is in the process of being repaved, and the ride is smoother already. Up next for this section of Telegraph Avenue: parking protected bike lanes and a pedestrian plaza between 45th Street and 46th Street are slated to be complete in the next few months. 

Meanwhile, more improvements are coming to the Koreatown-Northgate section of Telegraph Avenue. Keep your eyes out for new protected bike lane posts and rubber bumpers coming soon. Next it’s time to close the gap: Telegraph Avenue between 29th Street and West MacArthur Boulevard is on track for 2021 with buffered bike lanes. 

Special thanks to our partners at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, the Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District, and the many Bike East Bay members who got involved during this campaign.Want to join the movement for better walking and biking? Become a member today.

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