Free Bicycle Registry

We are partnering with the online service Bike Index to offer bicycle registrations for free!
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Be proactive about cutting down on bike theft in the Bay Area by taking a couple minutes to register your bikes using the simple form below, or directly on the Bike Index website.

Visit for more tips on locking up your bike, secure parking options in the East Bay, and resources for recovering a stolen bike.

Why should I register my bike?

Police are more likely to take bike theft seriously when they are aware of the scope of the problem, but it is very hard to make a police report regarding a stolen bike if you don’t have your bike’s serial number, description, and/or a photograph of the bike. Also, police departments around the Bay Area recover stolen bikes all the time that they can’t match up with the owner without registration info on file.
Do yourself and the rest of the bicycling community a favor and register your bike today. If it is stolen you can then mark it as such in the Bike Index database which will raise a red flag in any bike shop, police department, or other system that ties into this database. Your personal info is kept separate from the bike info you provide, so individuals can still look up your bike’s info without any security issue for you in case, for instance, they are searching to see if a bike they see on Craigslist is listed as stolen or not.

Fill out this short form for each of the bikes you own, and the info will be entered directly into Bike Index’s secure database. If your bike is already stolen and you are interested in recovering it, also visit or, and go to for more tips on getting your bike back.

Where is my bike’s serial number?

Usually underneath the bike, etched into the frame between the pedals. Photos of where to look on your bike are posted at

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