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•Urban Cycling 101 for Adults and Teens

This 2-part series starts with a 2-hour “Day 1” classroom session (indoor, no bike required), then continues with an optional 5.5-hour “Day 2” on-the-road class (outdoor, bike and helmet required). Learn rules of the road, crash avoidance maneuvers, and tips for having more fun on every bike ride in the East Bay.

•Theft Prevention

Learn how to protect your bike from theft at these one-hour, indoor workshops. Topics include locking techniques, secure parking options, bike registration, and tips on how to recover a stolen bike.

•Adult Learn-to-Ride Classes

For adults or teens who have either not yet learned how to ride a bike, or did a long time ago but want a refresher on the basics of balancing, pedaling and steering. 3-hour workshop for adults and teens, bike and helmet required.

•One Hour Workshops

These sessions go in-depth with one of our certified instructors on a specific topic such as avoiding bike theft, bikes on transit, bike commuting, and more. 1-hour, indoor workshop for adults and teens, no bike required.

•Family Cycling Workshops

This class is for kids who are able to ride a bike and ready to take to the roads and pathways with their parents. Parents and kids attend together. Outdoor workshop for adults and youth in grades 2-6 (approx.)

•Kids Bike Rodeos

These events include a mock city course, skills building, and safe walking and bike instruction. Participants can drop in and out of this session any time, with most kids spending a half hour or less in the course. For youth in grades 2-6 (approx.). Bikes and helmets provided, or bring your own!

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Want to set up a class at your location?

If your business, school, or community center would like Bike East Bay to provide an adult, youth, or family class at your site, we will be happy to offer it for free or at a reasonable cost. Please submit an application online here.

Still can’t find a class on our calendar that works with your schedule?

Visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s website for a schedule of available classes. Our classes are transferrable so you can take Day 1 or Day 2 of the Urban Cycling 101 series in either location.


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Testimonials from Class Attendees


The class was awesome! I attended with my husband and our two children. I really appreciated the straight-forward lessons in bike safety, perfectly pitched for kids. Best of all was ending with the bike ride around town. 

I have been telling all my friends-with-kids about this class and my husband and I have already donated to Bike East Bay as we really appreciated all the organization and thoughtfulness of the program.  The most valuable part for me was the opportunity for my children to hear about the importance of bicycle safety from someone other than myself/my husband. And that they saw other kids being safe and having fun on their bicycles in the urban-ish environment we live in. Great job!

Laura Ruberto, Family Cycling Workshop attendee


“I can’t believe this class was FREE! How informative! The instructor was great. I mean GREAT! She was so good at patiently answering questions and guiding people who had their own personal advice and experience. 

Thanks so much for a lovely experience and thoroughness. I grew up riding bikes in very quiet and hilly suburban neighborhoods. I have never rode a bike in urban areas, much less ON THE STREET of an urban city. But now that I live in Oakland and my commute is 2 miles away, I got a bike and am learning everything I can before I jump on it. Thanks Bike East Bay!!

Diana Kempton, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


“I left feeling like everyone who ever embarks on biking in an urban area should be required to take this class.  An immediate consequence of the class has made me a much more aware DRIVER of my car!  I am so aware of cyclists now and super courteous.  I joined Bike East Bay immediately because I thought it was super important to support such a needed and giving institution. Thank you for all the support you give the biking and driving community.”

Melissa Wheeler, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


A must take course for the newbie and the experienced rider. The course laid out on the playground was enlightening, and riding in traffic was also a plus.  Though I’ve done this before in Berkeley, it did increase my confidence.

Tony Benado, Urban Cycling 101: Day 2 attendee


My 9-year-old son and I had a great time learning more about biking and rules of the road.  I can see the skills he gained each day as we ride to school together.  I feel much more confident about him being able to bike to school on his own next year.

Lori Carducci, Family Cycling Workshop attendee


“My son David really got a lot out of the bicycle skills class – thanks so much! We live in Fremont, and my son’s biking 6 mi. to school (leaving in the dark in the a.m.), so I really wanted him to have the class. He’s going to take the road class too coming up on October 31.”

Carolyn Berke, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


“I better understand “the rules” and my confidence is increased, which raises the level of both my comfort and safety. I appreciated the mix of lecture, demonstration, diagram explanations, video examples, and resources provided on paper to take with me. It felt empowering and supportive to participate with other bicyclists, enforcing my connection to the whole local biking community.”

Donna Khanvali, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


“I’ve been biking for nearly 50 years - and I learned some great basic stuff in this class.  I would recommend this to anyone who bikes.”

John Scheuerman, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


“Good refresher class on bike road rules and bike safety.  Cycling in the urban environment was very beneficial, both the initial lessons in the school yard and on the streets.  I gained more confidence in taking my lane and staying a safe distance from parked cars in the bike lanes.  Great instructors.  Presentations were clear and informative.  Very enjoyable and fun day.  Gained more confidence and I have been riding my bike more.  Thank you for the new lights and I am wearing my Bike East Bay safety vest.”

Joan Gustafson, Urban Cycling 101: Day 2 attendee


“I left the class feeling a lot more confident while out on the road. I now know how to become a part of the traffic rather than trying to avoid it. This is a great program here. I’m glad I was able to attend. I’m sure the information I learned there has already saved my life more than once. So, thank you. :)”

Lee, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee


“I feel much more confident and relaxed on the road, now that I know how to position myself and how to communicate with drivers. I’ve noticed very experienced cyclists doing very risky maneuvers and now I know a bad example when I see it!”

Ellen Gould, Urban Cycling 101: Day 1 attendee



These free classes are funded through grants and support from the Alameda County Transportation Commission, Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools, Kaiser Permanente, Spare the Air Youth, UC Berkeley, the City of Oakland, and BART. More information about our grant funding from Alameda CTC is available online here.


Know your rights and responsibilities and ride smart! To test your knowledge of the CA Vehicle Code as it applies to bicyclists please take Bike East Bay’s Bicycle Law Quiz.

•League of American Bicyclists: Traffic Skills 101 manual [large PDF]

•League of American Bicyclists: Traffic Skills 201 manual [large PDF]

•League of American Bicyclists: Traffic Skills 101 manual del estudiante, español [PDF]

League of American Bicyclists: “Ride Smart” tips and videos