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“Bicycling Across Africa: Cairo to Cape Town”

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follow-up on bike death trap on allston way at 6th street berkeley january 2013

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at June 9, 2013 - 4:34pm
Status:Re-opened (other / Priority major)
Case ID:: -10745




UPDATE 7-15-13: Resubmitted Alan's input to Berk PW. Eric is out sick, though Tamlyn is re-opening the case. UPDATE 6-11-13: From Berk PW: "Electrical Division reports back that the signal at Allston/6th is functioning AOK. Eric Anderson’s field tests of the bike loop detectors at this location resulted his conclusion that the problem is a result of the cyclist’s premature movement off of the detector." Hence, I'll return this to resolved until we're notified that in fact it's malfunctioning. UPDATE 6-10-13 (#2): To summarize - It's set for 5 seconds, but Eric will test it again and get Traffic Engineering to make appropriate corrections. This from Tamlyn today: Case #127734 has a note that Eric Anderson sent to you: From: Anderson, Eric Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:56 AM To: ''; PWWorks Cc: Mostowfi, Hamid; Bright, Tamlyn Subject: RE: Traffic signal - Allston Way @ 6th Hi Ian, We?ve had reports of this type of signal issue in the past. The cause may actually be cyclist behavior, something I often do myself. Often cyclists will stop over the loop detector until they see that the intersecting street has a yellow light, and then creep forward off the loop, preparing for when they can cross on their green. As I understand it, the problem is that the signal reads this as a vehicle making a right turn and so doesn?t give a full-length green for the through (forward) movement. Our recommendation would be to advise the cyclist to wait on the loop detector (with their bike fully centered over the loop) until they get a green - and then cross. They should get an appropriate amount of crossing time. If not, they should write us back and we can have someone look at the signal. We?ll close this case for now. If the issue comes back we?ll reopen a new case and take appropriate action. Thanks, Eric In any case, Case # 127789 was a duplicate, closed as resolved in January with the report from the City electrician that the minimum green at this signal was set at 5 seconds, and we hadn’t heard that it had been reported as a continuing problem. I asked the person who reported it today whether to his knowledge it had been an ongoing or intermittent problem, and he claims that it has been the same problem for months. Today I opened a new case # 146082, linked it to the previous cases, and referred it to Eric Anderson, Supervising Traffic Engineer Hamid Mostowfi, and to the electrician. Eric plans to check this intersection in person on his bike and report back to the STE. Best, Tamlyn Bright Public Works/Transportation Division 1947 Center Street, 3rd Floor 981-7058 UPDATE 6-10-13: Thanks for re-opening. Can't find the string other than your note that came in on 5/9 (got set aside in the Bike-to-Work-Day activities); just sent a note to Tamlyn Bright at Berkeley to trace it and find out 1) why nothing's apparently been done and 2) increase the signal timing to ensure safe passage for bicyclists heading West on Allston Way, across Sixth St. Solitary westbound bikes on Allston Way that trigger the stoplight loop are given only a one second green signal to cross heavily-trafficed 6th Street in Berkeley. If a car, pedestrian, or eastbound traffic triggers the light--a normal 10-second? green appears. The one second green light for a westbound bike is not followed by a yellow and does not allow enough time for the bike to enter the intersection -- let alone safely cross busy 6th Street. The lack of any yellow light is an obvious malfunction. This dangerous defect was reported to EBBC in January 2013 (see below) and Berkeley Office of Traffic in 2012. EBBC claims it was "resolved" but the hazard still exists. I got the same 1 second green about 2 weeks ago! I sent an e-mail to Ian McDonald on May 9, 2013: no response. WTF is going on??? ============== from EBBC database========================================================== death trap for bikers: one second signal to cross 6th Street by Rosa Parks Elementary Submitted by Visitor on January 26, 2013 - 8:34am Berkeley Assigned to: Ian McDonald Created: Visitor at January 26, 2013 - 8:34am Status: Resolved (other / Priority major) Case ID: Hazard Report: 536-10378 Last modified: January 31, 2013 - 8:02pm Location Westbound on Allston Way at 6th St signal Berkeley 94710? See map: Google Maps type: other description: The traffic signal on Allston Way allows westbound bikes only about one second to cross busy 6th St. About every Thursday morning around 11 or 12am, I ride west one block west of Rosa Parks Elementary School on Allston Way. When I activate the bike loop detector, the light eventually changes to green--but for only about one second--just long enough to lure me into busy 6th St traffic that then gets a green light!! If a car or eastbound traffic activates the signal, the green stays on for an adequate 10? seconds. Only eastbound bikes seem to get the one second deathtrap. I reported this hazard to Berkeley office of Transportation last Fall, but they gave me no control/report/confirmation number, promised to look into it, and have not corrected it yet. Why not? Who installed this signal in the first place? Please advise: Thanks


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