Fiesta en un taller comunitario de bicicletas - Bike Shop Work-it Schmooze Party

Oakland Obrero Catolico
“Community building for a community bike garage”

WHEN: Saturday, March 7 at 12:00pm End Time: Saturday, March 7 at 3:00pm
WHERE: The taller de bicicletas at the Oakland Catholic Worker, 4848 International Ave
WHAT: Informational Meeting - brainstorming to launch a neighborhood bicycle center
HOST: El proyecto de bicicletas

Bike Songs Karaoke & Lip-Synching!!

What is it??
Bike Songs Karaoke & Lip-Synching!!! and even instrument playing
Where? at The Vibe Lounge 2272 Telegraph in Uptown Oakland
To practice for all the bike-to-work-day partying you are going to do.
and to recruit musicians and singers for the next recording
Bring your own song on a CD to lip-synch or use songs from
Music for the Velorution, which I will bring.

Bay Area Bikes Open House

Join us at Bay Area Bikes the evening of Friday, March 6, as part of downtown's First Fridays and Art Murmur. Come see our shop renovation and enjoy live jazz, featuring the Rollins Road Project. Find out about upcoming local events: BAB Sunday morning shop rides, bike maintenance classes, Bike to Work Day and more.

Fruitvale Ave @ E 16th St

Assigned to:Unassigned
Created:Hazard at February 27, 2009 - 8:45am
Status: (Class III (no special facility) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -2973




pothole or pavement cracks


Series of deep potholes in front of Carmen Flores Recreation Center. Narrow lane, parked cars and pedstrian bulb-out forces bicyclists into center of lane where hazards exist.


51st and Telegraph

Assigned to:Unassigned
Created:Hazard at February 26, 2009 - 11:21pm
Status: (Class II (bike lane) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -2972


pothole or pavement cracks
bike ways (paths, lanes, routes) not clearly marked


We have lived in Temescal for nearly 10 years. In all this time this major thoroughfare at Telegraph has not been repaved once, and now it is in such bad shape it is dangerous~! The potholes are so bad that bikes and cars are at risk by having to maneuver around these holes. Besides safety, there's the issue of how these unsafe poorly maintained roads actually DIScourage biking altogether. The city of Oakland should Not be preventing its citizens from being environmentally conscious if they want to bike rather than drive everywhere! How many complaints have you received on this issue? Many people don't have the time to write letters like this one, or don't know the proper place to file a complaint. This is both a safely issue and a political issue of our tax payers' dollars not being spent for something so obvious a need. This problem could have been solved if they repaved the entire corridor of Telegraph just six months ago. WHY did they stop resurfacing this road six months ago at 45th Street !??? The most traveled area is not 35th to 45th...it is 50th to 60th which are where the entrances and exits to Highway 24 are located. This knowledge is seemingly a "no brainer". I have sent emails to the state congressman and to Barbara Lee and none of them were answered. I am thinking if I send one to Ron Dellums it will also be unanswered. We are tired of having our voices be unheard. This is exactly the type of situation that causes the citizenry to be distrustful and annoyed at government. In the meantime, we are left will crappy unsafe roads to have to navigate every day~! Do I sound angry? Well I passed anger years ago - the Telegraph corridor has been a mess for years~!


Tracking/Incident Number

#199885 (potholes) and #199886 (cracks)

300 Block of Grand Ave

Assigned to:Unassigned
Created:Ian McDonald at February 26, 2009 - 10:58am
Status: (other / Priority major)
Case ID:: -2966


debris in shoulder




Lots of debris kicked out of trench in right lane, virtually covering the entire bike lane. Dangerous to ride on, especially in the rain. Been there all week. Cyclists may feel forced to ride in the auto traffic lane, which not only has high speed autos but the trench which is very uneven and could cause a cyclist to lose balance.


Tracking/Incident Number


trek 1000


Laney college February 26,2009 Oakland california between 1:45p.m and 4:15pm.


Model:1992 trek 1000. frame size: 60-62mm. frame material: 6061 T6 Temper Made in USA. color:electric blue (between blue and light blue) with black paint spackle from factory. trek in white on downtube.aluminum function specific design on top tube front fork:butted cro-moly trek.shifters:shimano 7 speed down tube shifters sl-A400. front derailleur:shimano exage 500ex.rear derailleur:shimano exage 400ex. crank: shimano 52,42 .chain:SRAM PC-68.pedals:nashbar. brakes:exage action(metalic blue).front hub:exage hb-rm50.front rim:matrix titan II 700c.rear hub:shimano 600.rear rim:mavic A719 with wheel smith spokes.tires:Continental grand prix 4 season.tubes:Michelin A1 air stop butyl (smooth stem presta.topeak rear rack (black).white cork tape.florecent green water bottle cage,white trek water cage .specialized lock holder partially covering 1000 on seat tube. stickers: Indian head with featers on down tube.walts cycle & fitness 116 carroll street sunnyvale ca 94086 (408)736-2630
First 2 characters of serial number:


jason young (510)482-2893 walkingandbiking@yahoo.com


Oakland EarthExpo; Wed., April 15

WHERE: Frank Ogawa Plaza, 14th and Broadway, Downtown Oakland
Come mingle with Oakland's downtown workforce at this annual event, as over 100 dynamic businesses and organizations showcase their contributions to the sustainable urban environment.

EBBC will have a table at this event, to discuss local advocacy goals, renew memberships, and sign up new members. Stop by and say "Hi." Join or renew your EBBC membership at the event at the $20.00 level or above and you will receive a free EBBC map.

Click below to Volunteer now:

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland - Volunteer Lovin'

From the WOBO calendar:

Last month WOBO volunteers brainstormed and picked our next pedestrian campaigns. This month we will focus on the next steps: campaign planning, messaging and volunteer opportunities including Bike to Work Day. Come out and show your Oakland bike/ped love! (and bring yo' friends!) And did we mention free food...?

Meet at:
Bay Area Wilderness Training
2301 Broadway (enter on 23rd)

EBBC General Membership Meeting moves to El Cerrito for a month

New location: El Cerrito
The General Membership Meeting will be held at the El Cerrito Police Department 10900 San Pablo Ave. San Pablo Ave @ Manila. The El Cerrito Police Chief will provide an opening greeting to all EBBC members attending.

Danish S-tog

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