Annual Board Meeting

WHERE: Rockridge Branch Library

EBBC is incorporated as a non-profit organization that holds an Annual Meeting to nominate the Board of Directors and elect officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer).

Also on the agenda are reports for approval: 1) to spend up to $3000 in funds from the East Bay Community Foundation for our database transsition; and 2) to spend up to $3500 in funds from the East Bay Community Foundation to translate our Bicycle Safety Class materials (PowerPoint and manual) into Spanish. -ACTION

Caldecott Fourth Bore Coalition VS Caltrans

Attorneys for the 6 plaintiffs, including EBBC, began providing arguments on October 31, 2008 in Alameda County Superior Court, in the US Post Office, 201 13th St, Oakland, before Judge Frank Roesch in Department 31 (2nd Floor). The case will continue on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

Case Number: RG07355832
Case Title: Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Coalition VS California Department of Transportation

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555 12th street, oakland


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Celebrate BART's eLocker installation

Kick-off to announce the opening of all of the phase 1 eLockers.
Secure parking for just pennies per hour!

When: 10:00 A.M., Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where: MacArthur BART Station, Oakland

Come see what’s happening!
  • On-site BikeLink card sign-up
  • eLocker Demonstrations
  • Valuable Prizes and Promotions
  • ACTIA Transportation Forum and Open House

    ACTIA Offices
    1333 Broadway (at 14th St), Suite 300
    Downtown Oakland

    The Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority in conjunction with its Citizens Advisory Committee will be hosting the North County Transportation Forum on Oct 16. The forum will feature presentations on major transportation projects and programs that will be implemented within the next five years. The forum will include presentations on the following Alameda County transportation projects and programs:

    Stanford and Market

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    traffic signal not triggered by bicycle


    The left turn is not triggered by bike, I don't think, because I always have to go to the crosswalk and push the button. The left turn, more importantly, is not long enough for a bike to turn left. I was waiting, with one car in front of me, to turn left. The car and I started to go right when the turn signal turned green, and the arrow turned yellow as I had barely gotten in the intersection, then turned red, and I almost got hit by west bound traffic (I was turning from eastbound to northbound), but luckily the van saw me and waited for me to get across. I think if the light were thirty seconds longer I could have made it. Maybe even 20 seconds or less longer.


    Market street near San Pablo, and near 27th

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    pothole or pavement cracks


    There are a number of gaping, cavernous, frightening cracks along where bikes might be riding, along market street, in various places. I noticed this going southbound, and I know I was near sanpablo, and near 27th, but I don't remember exactly where the cracks were. I had to stay pretty far left into the lane to avoid them though.<p><a href="http://www.you-sexcam.com/">sexcam und camgirls</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.q1-event.de/">stromvergleich</a></p>


    Harrison X Grand Ave

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    pothole or pavement cracks


    The asphalt bunches together (like a mountain) into a large unexpected bump which sent me flying off my bicycle, possibly bending the front tire, but I'm not sure. The bump is a few yards up harrison, right next the the whole foods, I think it extends both lanes but I was in the left lane, as I was getting ready to turn.


    Caltrans District 4 BAC

    Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting
    October 15. 2008, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

    WHERE: District 4 Headquarters, Mountain View Room, 15th Floor, 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland



    CTD4BAC CHAIR POSITION - Sean Co has indicated that he would like to step down as chair in 2009. We hope he will continue to represent MTC on the committee. Nominations for Chair?

    Estuary Crossing / Oakland BPAC Combined Meeting

    Oakland City Hall: Hearing Room 4, Second Floor
    250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza at 14th & Broadway
    Downtown Oakland

    The public is invited to a community meeting to help narrow down the different alternatives to the Posey Tube and a new pedestrian and bike crossing between Oakland and Alameda. This is a joint meeting with Oakland's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Estuary Crossing Feasibility Study


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