Bike Night at Parkway Theatre

$4 Admission (normally $5) when you bike to the Parkway Theatre. Free indoor attended valet parking.

Showing that night:

Grand Torino @ 6:30 - Downstairs
2009 Animated Oscar Shorts @ 7:00 - Upstairs

1834 Park Blvd. (between E 19th and E 18th Streets)

AC Transit Lines 14 and 18

Grand at El Embarcadero and MacArthur

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Created:CarolineKn at February 12, 2009 - 10:22pm
Status: (Class III (no special facility) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -2911






Eastbound Grand at the approach to the Grand Lake neighborhood has two intersections where drivers and cyclists are forced to make unsafe lane changes. At the intersection with southbound El Embarcadero and again at the intersection with southbound MacArthur (next to the freeway on and off ramps) Grand Avenue widens to create unmarked right turn lanes. Because there's no defined right turn lane, drivers turning right and cyclists going straight have to essentially trade positions with zero guidance as to where lanes start and end: some drivers veer to the right near where the wider section begins, while others wait until they are nearly in the intersection before moving into the unmarked right lane. Turn signal use is rare, probably because the drivers are aware that they're not actually moving into a new lane (many turn their signals on at the end of the procedure, before they actually make their right turn). It's an extremely dangerous situation and one that would seem to be easily remedied: marking these turn lanes would allow cyclists and drivers to predictably coordinate their movements, minimizing risk to both parties.


Tracking/Incident Number


Telegraph between 55th and 52nd

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Created:CarolineKn at February 12, 2009 - 10:06pm
Status: (Class III (no special facility) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -2910


pothole or pavement cracks




Southbound Telegraph between 55th and 52nd has SEVERE cracks and potholes in the shoulder, right where a cyclist needs to ride in order to avoid parked cars and moving vehicles. The cracking is so severe that it's impossible to ride over them--getting a wheel caught in the long and deep cracks could be fatal, considering the extremely busy freeway-bound and commercial zone traffic. Some of the potholes appear to have been partially filled years ago but the entirely area is once again sunken, cracked, and pitted. An earlier comment about this area, made in 2005, guessed that the potholes/cracks are located above a previously excavated trench. Cyclists sometimes resort to riding on the sidewalk in this area, as the street is manifestly so dangerous. Because there are multiple busy driveways, many of them blind, and also pedestrians, that's of course a terrible alternative. I ride this route daily and literally fear for my life each night as I approach it. Please address this problem.


Tracking/Incident Number

#199885 (potholes) #199886 (cracks)

Bike Karaoke

Bike  Karaoke

Everybody is invited to the Vibe Lounge, 2272 Telegraph Avenue Oakland
Between 23rd St and West Grand Ave
where the EBBC christmas party was to do "bike songs karaoke"
If the title doesn't tell you what it means, it means taking an existing "popular" song, and changing the lyrics to be about bikes. And since it is a "popular " song, it might even be in the karaoke machine so we wiil have background music an everything . LIke "Pedalling in the Wind" sung to Blowing inthe WInd"

So write those lyrics and join us at 7pm.
If you dont have any, I will bring lots.

Visioning Workshop for Lake Merritt BART

The Forum @ Laney College
333 East 8th St

Lake Merritt BART
AC Transit: 11, 62,88

The community and all interested parties are invited to a brainstorming session for improving the station and the surrounding neighborhood. Input will be incorporated in the City's Station Specific Plan. Brought to you by Asian Health Services and Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Refreshments will be served.

Can't make this meeting? The next one will be
February 19, 6 to 8 pm at

Oakland Lake Merritt Masterplan Update with League of Women Voters

WHERE: Dimond Library, 3565 Fruitvale Avenue

WHAT: In 2002 after over a decade of advocacy by EBBC and others, Oakland voters approved Measure DD, a $197 million bond measure to implement the Lake Merritt Master Plan.

Oakland Community Workshop - Harrison Street/Oakland Avenue

Harrison Street/Oakland Avenue Community Transportation Plan

Calming traffic and improving neighborhood livability along Oakland’s Harrison Street/Oakland Avenue Corridor.

Location:First Congregational Church of Oakland
2501 Harrison St. @ 27th Street
Reidenbach Hall
Date: Thursday, January 22
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Monthly Meeting

The Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee will be reviewing Oakland's Walkway Rehabilitation Program, status of Bikeway Projects, TDA Article 3 grant applications, and the 27 Street / Bay Place, Broadway to Grand Avenue, Bikeway Design.

The meeting is open to the public and no RSVP is required. Just show up with your good ideas. For more information, contact:

Jennifer Stanley
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator
City of Oakland, Community & Economic Development Agency, Transportation Services Division
250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344, Oakland, CA 94612

Lake Merritt Channel Park

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Created:kevin@kelphead.org at January 9, 2009 - 9:57am
Status:Resolved (Class I (bike/ped path) / Priority major)
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The bike path in Lake Merritt Channel Park floods when there is flood or irrigation. The section which floods is slightly south of the 7th St underpass. There is a drainage ditch here which is filled with sludge, and no longer drains. The flood covers the entire path, and is approximately 4 inches deep. I have reported this problem to the city of Oakland twice. Ticket number 191389 was reported in August. It was assigned to martin Moderaci. I met with him at the site in October. As this was the beginning of rainy season, he turned off the irrigation, which reduced the problem. He told me that he would report the drainage problem to the appropriate person. On November 13, I met talked to Roy Morgan, a supervisor in charge of Lake Merritt Channel Park. I met Garrett, from Roy's team at the site of the flooding. He promised to report the problem to someone who would clean the drainage. On December 12, I checked the status of this problem and open up ticket 196841 with the city of Oakland. On Jan 9, I was told that this problem was assigned to flood control with the County of Alameda. I do not yet have a name and number for this contact.


mountain bike


This bike was found by me. In Temescal, near Webster and 48th. If yours was stolen today, 1/5, in N. Oakland, email me with description...rnw at dslextreme dot com


email me with description...rnw at dslextreme dot com..you please describe it...the serial number is not accurate below, just added for form filling purposes
First 2 characters of serial number:


rnw at dslextreme dot com



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