Telegraph Ave bikeway

Telegraph Ave bikeway

Alexia Underwood nails it when she reports in Oakland North about her initial bicycle commute on Telegraph Ave as follows, “the experience was more harrowing than I had expected (See: Lanesplitting). She concluded, “maybe I should do a little more investigating before taking the city’s bike route maps at face value.”

Rad Massaker Alleycat

What is Rad Massaker Alleycat?

Well, the 2009 Rad Massaker Alleycat is a bicycle race/fundraiser for Cycles of Change.

An “Alleycat” is a race in which participants are given a list of checkpoints spread across the city at the start and must determine the best route on their own as opposed to following a set course. Originated by bike messengers in the 1980's, alleycats are meant to simulate the types of daily challenges they faced on the job.

Starting line at:
Mosswood Park

West Oakland Green Scene

Eco-focused festival at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Stop by and say hi at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland's table.

Get all the details and directions at ebparks.org

WOBO @ Art Murmur

Heading to Oakland's First Friday Art Murmur in the Uptown District? Be sure to stop by Walk Oakland Bike Oakland's table at 23rd and Telegraph. They are there every First Friday.


Lake Merritt BART Station & Chinatown Planning Project

Representatives from BART, the City of Oakland and other project planners will give a lunchtime presentation on the future of the environs surrounding Lake Merritt BART Station. All interested in improving the neighborhood are invited. Presented by the Regional Urban Design Forum.

American Institute of Architects
East Bay Chapter Office,
1405 Clay Street,
Downtown Oakland (near 12th St BART)

More Details Here

Save Your Bus! Take AC Transit's Survey

Save Your Bus! Take AC Transit's Survey

Like other public transit agencies, AC Transit is undergoing severe budget problems. With the elimination of state assistance for operations like salaries, maintenance, and gas they are looking at 15% service cuts just to stay afloat. They are asking riders to take a short survey to help them prioritize routes and to decide how and where to cut. This survey was also given out at the recent series of community meetings on service reductions.

Montgomery at John

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pothole or pavement cracks




Travelling downhill (southwest) on Montgomery, there is a hidden dip in the road about 10 meters from the junction with John. If you go over it at low speed, it will jolt you out of your saddle; if you are lucky enough to hit it at a higher speed, it will send you flying over the handlebars. It isn't visible as you are cycling along as the road surface looks uniform; it was probably caused by a heavy truck going over a weak patch in the road and making a depression in the surface that wasn't deep enough to turn into a pothole, but was deep enough to be a danger to cyclists.


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Manifesto Bicycles Memorial Day BBQ

Manifesto Bicycles
421 40th St. @ Webster

Staying in town this holiday weekend? Join Manifesto Bicycles for an all-day BBQ in their cozy side yard. Grab a burger or a beer, or bring your own stuff for the grill.

Ride with the Speed Vest

Ride with Walk Oakland Bike Oakland and the one-of-a-kind Speed Vest! The vest and its inventors will be at the Maker Faire the weekend of May 30th & 31st, and they've agreed to bring the vest to Oakland for a Saturday night social ride with WOBO.

Meet at:
Jack London Square (Broadway & Water St) just inside the Broadway entrance of Jack London Sq. and in front of the Barnes & Noble.

WOBO Volunteer Meeting

Bay Area Wilderness Training
2301 Broadway, Suite B – enter on 23rd Street
Uptown Oakland

The May edition of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland's monthly volunteer meeting features a visit from Jason Patton, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Oakland. Newcomers interesting in improving conditions for pedal and feet powered locomotion always welcome.

For more info contact:


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