Save the Berkeley Bike Station!

Funding for the Berkeley Bike Station Expansion is on the ropes!

We need you to help us rescue the funding for the project.

WHEN & WHERE: 7:00pm on December 8 at the Berkeley City Council, Council Chambers, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

WHAT: Council Agenda, Information Item # 28, Proposed Downtown Berkeley Bike Station Expansion Project


A resolution to fulfill an obligation to commit $60,000/year for five years in order to receive $498,000 from Safe Routes to Transit funds awarded toward the project in 2005, and $505,000 in BART funds that are committed to developing and operating the street-level Bike Station.

The exciting proposal for the Downtown Berkeley Bike Station promises to provide greatly expanded capacity for the Bike Station. Currently the miniscule Bike Station cage has a capacity of only 77 bicycles, yet it often houses over 100 bicycles. The expansion is especially important to allow the operator to be financially sustainable by providing repair services and retail. EBBC reported on the issue in the August 2008 issue of rideOn (p. 4). We also posted a report at EBBC Bike Station blog