Oakland City Council to Approve 4 New Bike Lane Projects

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Oakland City Hall, Council Chambers.

The agenda for the City Council meeting is here:
City Council Agenda for May 15
The item “Citywide Bikeways – Various Locations” is item S-7.16 on the consent calendar.

The City Council meeting starts at 5:30pm on Tuesday, May 15, in City Council chambers. The item will be preceded by the standard procedural matters including 15 minutes of public comment, two ceremonial items, and any public comment on the fifteen preceding items on the consent calendar. It is unlikely that the Citywide Bikeways item will be heard before 6:00pm. However, it could be heard much later based on the meeting’s actual start time, the length of the ceremonial items, and the number of public speakers.

Your support for better bikeways from Downtown Oakland to Fruitvale, up Broadway, and out MacArthur Blvd is working so well that it was not even controversial to remove travel lanes and parking for new bike lanes. At the May 8 Public Works Committee, Oakland Councilmembers Kaplan, Nadel, Reid and Schaaf voted unanimously to support striping bike lanes on four key bikeway segments in Oakland’s Bicycle Master Plan, reflecting the strong public support for making Oakland more bikeable and a better place to live. All this two days before Bike to Work Day!

  • E.12th St: new bike lanes on E.12th St from 14th Ave to Fruitvale Ave, connecting with the new bikeway thru Fruitvale Village E.12th St Bikeway Project. 83% public support for this 1.4 mile bikeway project.
  • Mills College: new bike lanes on MacArthur Blvd from the entrance to Mills College to Seminary Ave, as part of the LAMMPS Project.
  • Broadway: new bike lanes from 38th St up to Broadway Terrace. Bike Lanes on Broadway 87% public support for this 0.9 mile bikeway project.
  • Ardley: new bike lanes from 30th Street to MacArthur Blvd. 64% public support for this 0.3 mile bikeway project that is part of a cross-town, 2.9 mile bikeway.

There was no opposition at the Public Works Committee. Please allow us to repeat that: “there was no opposition.”. Five speakers spoke in favor, including EBBC Program Director Dave Campbell, as well as representatives of the Maxwell Park Neighborhood Association and Mills College. Neighbors in the vicinity of these new bike lanes also approved of removing travel lanes and parking to make way for bike lanes, and they approved doing so by over 70% in favor!

“There’s a culture change taking place in Oakland,” stated Jason Patton, Oakland’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager, reflecting on the tremendous support for these projects. Needing only one more vote at Council for approval later in May, Oakland will be prepared to stripe four new bike lanes as part of these repaving projects in 2013. “Oakland is making a major push for better bikeways, which is going to nurture the young talent drawn to our city,” said Renee Rivera, Executive Director of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. “Oakland is becoming a forwarding thinking, innovative city that will thrive with these new improvements.”

Mills College campus architect Karen Fiene spoke enthusiastically in support of the MacArthur Blvd Bikeway Project and thanked the City for its inclusive process and hard-working staff to improve a dangerous stretch of roadway. “We look forward to seeing all of the improvements completed on MacArthur Blvd. Mills College has been around for 140 years and I want to see this street improved during my time at Mills.”

These four bike lane projects are scheduled for completion in 2013, with all but the Ardley bikeway project part of repaving projects.

It’s OK to holler for this one!

One more thing-the Public Works Committee approved $75,000 for more bike racks throughout Oakland and $75,000 for new storm grates, the kind that your bike tires roll right over effortlessly.

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