California, Bay Area rank high on bicycling and walking in latest Benchmark Report

benchmark report logoThe Alliance for Bicycling and Walking has released Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2010 Benchmarking Report and California, the Bay Area, and Oakland rank high.

For bicycling and walking levels, California ranks 19th amongst 50 states and Oakland ranks 12th amongst the top 51 cities. Statistics were gathered from 1990-2007. (San Francisco is 3rd). Looking at just bicycling rates, California is 7th and Oakland is 11th.

For safety, California ranks 33nd and Oakland 15th. In major U.S. cities, 5.6% of trips are made by walking and bicycling, yet 29.5% of fatalities are pedestrians and bicyclists. (San Francisco is 6th)

When it comes to funding for bike/ped projects, Oakland actually ranks 3rd overall, behind Atlanta and Minneapolis (San Francisco is 14th).

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