3rd st. between Webster and Broadway

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3rd street is a city of oakland designated bike route from Oak to Mandela Pkwy/7th street (West Oakland BART). The one segment of this bike route i have a issue with the segment between Webster and Broadway through the produce district. EVERY FLIPPIN MORNING i roll through there, there are cars, dovetail trucks and semi trucks blocking the almos the ENTIRE roadway leaving almost no way to get through. In addition theres forklifts all over the place offloading/loading trucks anywhere along the street. The truck drivers swing cab and trailer doors out at will, forklift drivers dart between trucks and witout looking and employees will just appear in your path. Something tells me that theres a got to be a city parking ordinance violation somewhere there with the trucks, forklifts blocking emergency access, and pedestrian -bicyclist passage. I'd take the parallel routes in embarcadero and 2nd street if it werent for the pot holes and train tracks on embarcadero or the uneven surface and car traffic on 2nd street. I guess that wwhy the city of oakland designated 3rd st as a bike route..who woulda thought.... Peace ..have a good weekend.