Tell the Story of Your Bikeway

Are you enjoying one of many new bikeways in Alameda County paid for by the Measure B program? Allow us to share your story with voters this Fall and remind them of the need for more bike funding and ask them to vote Yes on Measure B1.

Maggie Ammons spends a lot of time commuting by bike, and her daily route takes her on Emeryville’s bike lanes. “Adeline is the perfect Bicycle Boulevard. I ride on Adeline almost every day between 40th and 51st and the bike lane is, quite literally a lifesaver! I always feel safe, because I have enough room to avoid both cars passing, and opening doors. Adeline is the hidden gem of the bicycle lane system here in the East Bay!”

There are many bikeways in the East Bay that have been built with current Measure B funding. Do you ride one of these?

  • Adeline Street bike lanes in Emeryville
  • 40th Street bike lane to MacArthur BART Station
  • Iron Horse Trail in Pleasanton
  • I-80 Bike/Ped Bridge in Berkeley and/or Aquatic Park Connection Streetscape Improvement Project in Berkeley
  • Any of the new bike lanes in East Dublin
  • Any of the new bike lanes in Oakland

Please share your story by filling out the form below, and thank you very much for helping us tell the voters why bike funding is important.

We are busy planning for a major Fall campaign to gain voter approval for the reauthorization of the Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax and the billion dollars it includes for new bike/ped projects. What better way to do this than to learn more about those who are enjoying bike projects already funded by this transportation sales tax–you!

If you regularly ride on one of the bikeways listed below, tell us your story. What do you like about the project? How often do you use it? Where are you riding from and to when you use the bikeway? Are you making commute trips? recreation trips? errands? shopping? Let us know.

We plan to use your responses in our campaign materials and if we like your story enough, we would love to come take your photo out on the bikeway. Here is the list of projects that have been completed to date in Alameda County thanks to our transportation sales tax.

Here is a list of ten projects funded by our Sales Tax Measure:

  • AC Transit–Bike Racks for New Buses
    Bike racks on AC Transit buses allow commuters to extend the distance they can travel on either side of their bus trip. Every AC Transit bus has a bike rack, either on the front of the bus or in the compartment below, and was one of the first transit agencies in the Bay Area to fully equip all of their buses with racks. These racks make commuting by bus a more flexible and feasible option. If you regularly use AC Transit and a front-mounted bike rack, tell your story!
  • Berkeley–Bike/Ped Bridge Connections/Improvements
    Berkeley has worked towards connecting the commercial, retail and recreational areas in West Berkeley by constructing streetscape improvements along five blocks in West Berkeley. If you regularly commute over the I-80 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge in Berkeley, tell your story!
  • Berkeley–Milvia Street Bicycle Boulevard Downtown
    Berkeley repaved the downtown stretch of the Milvia Street Bicycle Boulevard with Measure B money. If you are enjoying this smoooooooth stretch of roadway, tell us your story.
  • Albany–Buchanan Jackson Improve Intersection
    Measure B provided a local match for the new intersection improvements at Buchanan/Jackson. If you walk or bike through this intersection, tell your story!
  • Emeryville—Adeline Street Bike Lanes
    Adeline Street in Emeryville has some of the best bike lanes anywhere, with a comfortable buffer between the bike lanes and parked cars, and pedestrian bulb outs and increased greenery. The lanes extend from San Pablo Avenue north to the Oakland City Line.
  • Hayward–Whitman Street Bike Lanes
    Measure B paid for the new Whitman Street bike lanes at the end of April. Hayward has also constructed bike lanes of C Street between Grand Street and Filbert Avenue and on B Street, all with Measure B money.
  • San Leandro–Bay Trail Slough Bridge
    The completion of the San Leandro Slough Bridge closed a gap in the Bay Trail.
  • Oakland–Lakeshore/Lake Park Avenue Complete Streets Project
    The Lakeshore and Lake Park Avenue Complete Streets project improves the walking and bicycling environment in this highly trafficked commercial area.
  • Pleasanton–Iron Horse Trail segment from Santa Rita to Stanley Blvd
    One of the first projects funded by the transportation sales tax, this multiuse pathway extends from Santa Rita Road at Stoneridge Rd southeast to Stanley Blvd where it connects with the pathway under reconstruction along Stanley Blvd. If you regularly ride to/from Dublin/Pleasanton BART via the Iron Horse Trail in Pleasanton, tell your story!
  • Pleasanton Bike Lanes, various streets
    Pleasanton has used its Measure B monies to stripe bike lanes on Willows Rd leading to the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station, on Santa Rita Rd at Amador Valley Park, on W. Las Pasitas Blvd, on Stoneridge Drive in Hacienda Business Park. If you ride any of these new bike lanes, please let us know.
  • Union City–11th Street Enhancement Project
    This is a new street that extends from Decoto Rd into the transit-oriented development on the north side of Union City BART Station. It includes bike lanes and many pedestrian amenities. Union City is working to secure a grant to fund a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks to connect the housing development to the BART station. If you regularly use the 11th Street Bikeway, tell your story!
  • Oakland–40th Street Bike Lanes at MacArthur BART
    In 2009, Oakland striped a bike lane on 40th Street, between the MacArthur BART Station entrance and Telegraph Ave. They narrowed the median to make room for the bike lanes. The bike lanes were completed right before Bike to Work Day that year. If you regularly use the 40th Street Bike Lane, tell your story!
  • Union City–Smith Street bike lanes and new bike parking at Union City BART Station
    If you like the new bike lanes on Smith Street or use the bike parking at Union City BART Station, tell us your story.