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Berkeley I’m writing you because you volunteered in the past for Berkeley’s annual bicycle counts or have expressed a general interest in volunteering for Berkeley’s bicycle program. We are trying to recruit 15 volunteers to do counts for the week of September 10th (next week!). If you’re available to do one counting period (2.5 hours including arriving early and cleaning up count data after) from 4-6 pm next Tues, Wed or Thurs, please let me know! If you’ve never done counts for Berkeley before, we’ll hold a short 30-minute training session on Thursday or Friday of this week, sometime between 12 pm- 1 pm or 5 pm-6 pm whatever day and time works best for volunteers. Please RSVP to Eric Anderson and indicate which day(s) you’re available to count next week and which days and times you’re available for a training this week (if needed). Walnut Creek Bike Walnut Creek is training and conducting the bike counts in Walnut Creek, the first ever comprehensive bike count program for the City of Walnut Creek. We need volunteers to help do counts during 2-hour stints in the coming weeks. Bike Walnut Creek Bike Count Program

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