Robert Prinz

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Just like a cyclist who rarely takes the most direct route to a destination, Robert has traveled a similarly circuitous path into the world of bike advocacy. Raised in Lansing, Michigan (home of the long-defunct Oldsmobile), he grew up amid a culture simultaneously indebted to and embittered by the auto industry. Yet the fondest memories of his hometown still involved long, summer bike rides around the city, thrilling in the sense of freedom and exploring neighborhoods he never would have discovered on foot or four wheels.

After several years of volunteering with the Bike East Bay Robert had the opportunity to receive his League of American Bicyclists teaching certification and began instructing bike safety classes all over the East Bay. Eventually he was able to start working full time with the bike coalition, coordinating and promoting each of the classes they offer for free to thousands of adults, youth, and families all over Alameda and Contra Costa Counties each year.

Robert believes that getting more people on bikes means making cycling not just safer, but also more comfortable, convenient and fun. To learn more or take a class yourself you can contact Robert by phone at (510) 845-7433 or by email at