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Your emails of support and personal stories provided during public comments at many neighborhood meetings have secured a way forward for building a better bikeway up Tunnel Road. The bike lane design is a compromise for sure but also an iterative plan designed to create a safe bike route with a series of improvements as soon as possible, a goal all stakeholders have agreed to. Given intense neighborhood concerns for parking, some on-street parking spots are retained.

Phase 1 of the plan includes a bike lane most of the uphill route, except for the stretch between Oak Ridge and The Uplands, where there will be parking restrictions during commute hours and on weekends, leaving a wide shoulder for you to ride up Tunnel Road more safely. We expect Berkeley to implement this phase by March next year, a few months after the 4th Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel opens.

Phase 2 converts the on-street parking retained to roll-up parking, where cars park halfway up on to the planter strip between the curb and sidewalk. This adds additional bike lane width on street so the uphill bike lane can be 24/7. Phase 2 will take at least a year to happen. Downhill, greenback sharrows are striped and the existing shoulder retained.

List of all Berkeley projects funded with $2 million EBBC secured for bike/ped and neighborhood improvements

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