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Through the month of May a total of 3,454 Bay Area riders showed their love of bicycling by biking to work, school, the library and all around town when making trips of long and short distances. This was Team Bike Challenge 2013, getting people out of the house, out of cars, and onto bikes as a means of transit. This year was our biggest Team Bike Challenge yet with 1,029 teams and 356 companies participating. New and old riders took to the streets together to bike a total of 1,122,869 miles and burn 69,056,444 calories. A huge congratulations and thank you to all our Team Bike Challenge participants and winners! We already can’t wait for next year.

The East Bay Bicycle coalition will be holding an award ceremony on June 13th at Jack London Square’s Market Lawn to honor the Alameda and Contra Costa winning teams (below). Certificates and Prizes will be presented at 8:00pm, to be followed by a bike in movie.

Alameda Teams

  1. Tires Half Full: 323 pts
  2. 99 Problems: 301 pts
  3. Caltrans Amoebas on Bikes: 300 pts
Contra Costa Teams

  2. Surstromming: 276 pts
  3. PedalVoltaics: 146 pts
Alameda Small Companies

  1. kWEngineering: 509 pts
  2. QuEST: 500 pts
  3. Alameda CTC: 266 its
Contra Costa Small Companies

  1. REI Brentwood: 254 pts
  2. CC Transportation Authority: 70 pts
  3. Sol CM: 46 pts
Alameda Medium Companies

  1. Sun Light&Power: 1066 pts
  2. DNV KEMA: 753 pts
  3. Oakland Public Library: 565 pts
Contra Costa Medium Companies

  1. ITSI Gillbane: 272 pts
  2. Mountain Hardware: 129 pts
  3. CCC Distict Attourney’s: 2 pts
Alameda Large Companies

  1. Caltrans: 3243 pts
  2. EBMUD: 1266 pts
  3. Lawrence Berkeley Labs: 1124 pts
Contra Costa Large Companies

  1. Sunpower: 1887 pts
  2. NRG Energy: 114 pts
  3. City of Richmond: 114 pts

For a full list of winners or to compare last years leaderboards with this years (and see just how much more we biked this year) visit the Team Bike Challenge Leaderboard Snapshot.

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