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If a bus stop married a parklet, could it start looking like this?

If a bus stop married a parklet, could it start looking like this–it does!

The following seven bike/ped transit-related projects are getting funded by our Safe Routes to Transit program, jointly coordinated with Transform:

  1. Rockridge BART Bike Ped Improvements: $472,000
  2. AC Transit Bus Bulb/Bike Lane Designs: $100,000
  3. San Pablo Ave Complete Streets Plan: $100,000
  4. Carlson Blvd Crosstown Bikeway: $500,000
  5. AC Transit Bus Stop/Parklet Design: $100,000
  6. Lake Merritt BART Station Ped Improvements: $228,000
  7. Concord Bicycle & Transit Improvements: $200,000

Awarded projects include funding to design protected bike lanes on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito, to stripe buffered bike lanes on Carlson Blvd in Richmond, expand bike parking at Rockridge BART and add bike lanes on College Ave and potentially Keith Ave, design transit access improvements and a new bike plan for Concord. In addition, two nifty planning grants go to AC Transit to develop designs for bike lanes behind bus bulbs and a combination parklet/bus stop modular design, the concept for which is shown above. A total of $1,700,000 is allocated to East Bay cities.

We are particularly pleased at the level of innovation shown by these projects, with AC Transit’s parklet/bus stop design taking the prize for most innovative idea. All of these projects are subject to final approval of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Board in January. Cities and agencies awarded monies have 3 years to complete the projects. With any questions about this program, please contact Dave Campbell, our Advocacy Director.

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