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Berkeley is ready to roll out slow streets, Alameda is doubling its slow street segments, and Oakland takes the idea of safer spaces in a new direction. Bike East Bay continues to collaborate with local partners to expand, adjust, and support responsive and successful slow and open streets programs in the East Bay.

In Berkeley, we anticipate an announcement this week of three street segments for soft closures. Walk Bike Berkeley will need more volunteers too as the program rolls out. Get connected at

In Alameda, the Slow Streets network is expanding today, May 26, to include Pacific Avenue all the way to 9th Street as well as Santa Clara on the West End. Bike Walk Alameda is supporting the city’s efforts through volunteer recruitment, traffic data collection, and distribution of new lawn signs. Give your feedback and sign up to volunteer at

And in Oakland, the nation’s leading slow streets program adds essential places to the slow streets program, targeting pedestrian safety improvements at essential businesses and services. The first roll out is a Bancroft Avenue and Avenal Ave., at the Shop Rite store. “The program was not addressing what we would call arterials, the larger streets that carry buses and trucks,” said Ryan Russo, Oakland’s Director of Transportation. “We need to manage the public realm in a way that meets people’s needs in this moment and in the future.”

To help do this, Oakland DOT is hosting a volunteer training tonight to make calls to Oakland residents in areas where there has been less online feedback. Join a volunteer training tonight.

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