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San Leandro Creek Plan Kicks Off

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: November 4, 2015

On October 29 the Cities of Oakland and San Leandro kicked off a lengthy process to examine the possibility of designing a trail all along the San Leandro Creek. 

As part of a Sustainable Planning Grant awarded by Caltrans, the cities will be engaging in a lengthy community process to come up with the best possible plan. The San Leandro Creek is one of three creeks in the East Bay that is not covered, and could be a significantly improved asset to the community.

By connecting to the Bay Trail in the South, to the East Bay Greenway, BART, downtown San Leandro and Lake Chabot, a future San Leandro Creek Trail could be a key North/South route in the East Bay. 

The meeting was very well attended, with over 50 residents coming out to discuss the plans. Many raised concerns regarding right-of-way issues and were wary of plans for change near their home. 

We’re told the consultants, Stantec, led by Rock Miller, will bring world class vision to plans. We look forward to working with them as well as the Rails to Trails Conservancy, who are leading the effort, to help ensure a great new East/West connection gets built. 

As this is a feasibility study, the path’s footprint is not yet determined. Some stretches may be on street, and some off-street. No eminent domain purchases are being considered at this time.

Not only is this a great opportunity for new connections, it’s also a good opportunity to engage and educate local youth to increase sustainability literacy. Local schools could bring students to study the watershed, learn to garden, etc. 


In July 2014, the City of San Leandro was awarded $201,510 from the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) State Highway Account – Partnership Planning for Sustainable Transportation grant program. The grant allows for the development of the San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan (a feasibility study), design concepts, and implementation strategy for segments of a six-mile multi-use trail with on-street options along San Leandro Creek through the cities of San Leandro and Oakland. Approximately 2.1 miles of the creek are located in the City of San Leandro, 2.1 miles in the City of Oakland, and 1.8 miles runs along the border of the two cities.


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