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Routes to Ride

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: April 22, 2021

Whether you’re celebrating Bike to Wherever Day or just looking for your next adventure, we’ve got a ride for you. Check out the rides below and tag Bike East Bay in your adventures @BikeEastBay! Have a favorite route you’d like to share? Reach out to: [email protected].

Albany Beach, Albany

For a nearly car-free trail ride from Richmond, hop on the Bay Trail at the Richmond Marina and continue south. Check out the many shorebird species that live in the mudflats and wetlands year round. Enjoy the only intersection crossing on the whole ride at Rydin Road and Central Avenue. The very first protected intersection along the Bay Trail, it opened in 2018 thanks to the support of Bike East Bay members and partners. At Buchanan Street, take a right turn toward the water and follow the path to the beach. 

From Berkeley, use the bicycle and pedestrian bridge at Aquatic Park to cross over to the Bay Trail. Pick up sandwiches and snacks at Seabreeze—locals recommend the seafood options. Continue north, taking a left at Gilman Street. Enjoy the brand new segment of the Bay Trail running along the water behind Golden Gate Fields. Instead of a climb through the race track parking lot, you can now pedal up an easy grade with spectacular views of the Bay. Follow the path right to the beach, where you’ll find lots of bike racks and brand new restrooms. 

Whatever way you reach the beach, the many Bay Trail improvements advocated by Bike East Bay over the years make for a safe and enjoyable ride for people of all ages.

Crown Beach, Alameda

Alameda’s Crown Beach is one of the best destinations in the Bay, and just a short bike ride away from Fruitvale BART. As you roll onto the island down Fruitvale Avenue and Broadway, a quick detour to Park Street will present you with an array of perfect picnic takeout options, including delicious sandwiches from The Sandwich Board or the famed burgers, salads, and fried chicken at Scolari’s. Riding along the Shoreline Drive protected bike lane, you can stop to swim anywhere, though the best bike parking is at the intersections of Grand or Westline.

While you’re in Alameda, make it a loop ride to check out the new Cross Alameda Trail. From the beach, head west to reach Main Street, where you can pick up the trail or take new bike lanes at Alameda Point out to Spirits Alley. Pick up your beverage of choice from Faction Brewing, Rockwall Winery, or St. George Spirits to finish out your day as you roll back across the island. 

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, Richmond

Take a day trip and explore rugged shorelines and trail riding, or bring a fishing pole to try your luck off the pier at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. Start in downtown Richmond for a 7 mile ride north via city streets and trails, or set out at the Dotson Family Marsh Staging Area for a totally car-free trail ride. 

The beach at Point Pinole is located at the northeast corner of the park. Soak in the view up the coast towards Rodeo on a clear day. You might catch intrepid fishers with gear loaded onto cargo trikes, headed to the fishing pier on the northern end of Point Pinole Trail. Almost all the trails at Point Pinole are open to bikes; most are unpaved but bikeable fire roads. Find a nice spot for a picnic under any of the shady eucalyptus groves, and explore the remnants of this park’s previous life as a dynamite plant. 

North Berkeley to Richmond

Check out convenient connections to BART stations via the scenic Ohlone and Richmond Greenway paths. You can also try routes to the new Richmond Ferry Terminal from Richmond BART or Berkeley. The map below shows all three options, and you can toggle them on and off using the menu button next to the map title.

San Leandro to South Hayward

Looking for a lower stress route instead of East 14th/Mission? With connections to local schools and BART stations, our San Leandro to Hayward wiggle through the Eden Area is a great alternative!

West Oakland to Northwest Berkeley

From West Oakland BART station, explore the lower-stress boulevards through Emeryville and Berkeley.

Livermore to Concord via the Iron Horse Trail

Explore a section as part of a short trip out, or tackle the whole route for an epic East Bay ride!

All Trails Lead to Ice Cream in Dublin

From the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, ride the Iron Horse Trail and quiet neighborhood streets to downtown Pleasanton. (Zoomable map available here).

Celebrate your arrival with a cone at Meadowlark Dairy. There you’ll find soft serve, slushies, and a small grocery to stock up on breakfast classics. This low-key ride is great for families and kids comfortable biking about 10 miles round trip.ents advocated by Bike East Bay over the years make for a safe and enjoyable ride for people of all ages.

Tour de Fremont

Over the past several years, the City of Fremont has been setting the standard for bikeway design and construction in the East Bay, with a whopping five fully protected intersections connecting with protected bikeways, and more on the way. Grab your bike and take a tour of some of the new facilities and bike paths, and get excited for the future of bike lanes in the East Bay. Take a deeper dive and discover points of interest along the route!

East Bay Rail History Tour: Berkeley and Richmond

Follow the old Santa Fe train right of way from Berkeley to Richmond, along off-street bike/walk trails. This flat, family-friendly ride can be done as an out-and-back, or stop at any of the BART stations along the way for a ride home. An “extra credit” section beyond Richmond BART includes a short hill just past the Ferry Point Tunnel in Point Richmond. Take a deeper dive and discover points of interest along the route!

Hayward Japanese Gardens

Enjoy a low stress 5 mile round trip bicycle outing from Castro Valley High School to nearby Hayward Japanese Gardens. This ride takes place completely on low traffic residential roads and includes a pedestrian/bicycle only bridge over I-580 with great views of both BART and the freeway. The ride is completely flat other than the bridge. At the garden, watch the colorful koi fish and turtles bath in the sun. Contemplate life under one of the pagodas and walk among the sculpted pines. This is truly one of our hidden local treasures. Submitted by Bruce Dughi.

Bikes, Birds, and Brews: Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline

Enjoy a flat, family-friendly ride along Oakland’s Martin Luther King Shoreline. Explore the Bay Trail and learn about the birds that live in this coastal habitat. Continue to Drake’s in San Leandro for post-ride snacks and brews outside. Take a deeper dive and discover points of interest along the route!

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