Kids Bike Rodeos


This activity is well suited for structured groups of 15-25 students in K-6th grade after school programs. It focuses on teaching advanced skills such as shoulder checking and obstacle avoidance.

Grade Level: K-6th
Setting: After School Programs
Space Required: 50’x 100’ minimum of blacktop space
Help Required: At Least 1 After School Teacher
Cost: Free
Capacity: Up to 25 students per half hour
Teaching Duration: 2-3 hrs per day

Skills Taught: * How to Perform a Bicycle Safety Check * Proper Helmet Fitting * Proper Starting and Stopping * Signaling and Communication * Shifting Gears * Scanning Ahead * Shoulder Checking * Obstacle Avoidance

Bike East Bay provides: * Instructors * Drills Course * 25 Bicycles and Helmets

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