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RideOn Cover Story

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: April 21, 2016

Women Bike, Women Lead is the title of a mini-grant funded toolkit for organizing a women and biking leadership conference, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and piloted by Multicultural Communities for Mobility and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition in Los Angeles. This well-documented approach to finding, encouraging, connecting, and supporting grassroots leaders who are representative of our communities is commendable and we would like to see it continued. With additional funding, advocates, organizers, and community members across the bicycle world could continue to learn valuable lessons from these empowering leaders.

In Bike East Bay’s Spring 2016 print newsletter (available in PDF form here), we used the headline “Women Bike, Women Lead” to introduce the cover article about our new Women Bike program without mentioning the work in southern California.

While bicycle advocates have a strong culture of sharing resources and strategies, giving context and credit where due are marks of respect. We are grateful for the pioneering folks behind Women Bike, Women Lead, and we want to carry forward their clear and poignant work to cultivate leadership for our movement that incorporates and elevates more voices into community decisions.

Check out the toolkit and more of Multicultural Communities for Mobility’s on-the-ground approach:

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