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Ride Leader Guide and Signups

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: March 4, 2016

Lead a ride with Bike East Bay!

What’s unique in your neighborhood? Do you have interests that can be experienced on a bike ride? Share your slice of the Bay with new friends and Bike East Bay members on a fun, social and educational ride. We will help you put together and promote a great ride! Now accepting submissions for June through August 2016. 

More ideas for rides:

  • Local history, culture, art
  • Nature or natural features
  • Themed tours (book stores, gardens, ice cream shops, etc.)
  • To and/or from events (fairs, festivals, sporting events, etc.)

Planning Your Ride

Use our Ride Leader Guide to help you sketch out the shape of your ride, stay on track as you develop it, then ensure you have all the details covered. 

Each group has a slightly different style of group riding. Bike East Bay asks that you follow the guidelines in the Ride Leader Guide when you are leading or participating in a ride with us. 

Other resources on group riding and trail riding:

Submit Your Ride

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