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Ribbon Cuttings and Celebrations for Bike to Work Day

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: April 27, 2017

Bike East Bay celebrates Bike Month and Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 11, with ribbon cuttings and rides with elected officials in Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont highlighting brand new bike lanes around town. On Bike to Work Day, over 100,000 people are expected to visit Energizer Stations across nine counties in the Bay Area in an annual event that celebrates bicycling as a fun and healthy way for people to get around town.


There is a new cycle track, or two-way protected bike lane on Broadway, starting at its intersection with Keith Avenue, and heading uphill for three blocks. It is Oakland’s first capital improvement protected bike lane and includes Oakland’s first functional bike traffic signals. Funded through mitigation money secured by Bike East Bay as a result of the Caldecott 4th Bore Project.

  • Where: Broadway and Keith Avenue intersection (map)
  • When: Monday, May 8, 11:00am
  • Who: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb, OakDOT staff, 4th Bore Coalition members


Fremont is transforming a buffered bike lane into a protected bike lane. This innovative pilot project is testing out two different types of physical separators (armadillos versus bollards) right by BART. The City hopes this is the first of many simple, high impact upgrades to its city streets. And, it’s a demonstration of how easily a curb-side buffered bike lane can be transformed into a protected bike lane. 

  • Where: Walnut Ave at BART Way (map)
  • When: Bike to Work Day! Thursday, May 11, 8:00am
  • Who: Mayor Lily Mei, Fremont City Staff, Bikeways for Fremont


On May 2, Berkeley City Council approvedwhat we believe will be the most innovative bicycle plan in the Bay Area. We’re celebrating with a Mayor and City Council bike ride followed by a media event at the Berkeley Bike Station.

  • Where: Hearst Avenue & Arch
  • When: Thursday, May 11, 7:30am
  • Who: Mayor Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Councilmembers, Public Works Department, Downtown Berkeley Association, UC Berkeley

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What is a Protected Bike Lane?

A protected bike lane is a curbside bike lane that is physically protected from moving traffic, much like the concept drawing shown here. Telegraph Avenue’s protected bike lanes will be protected by parked cars.

Why are Protected Bike Lanes important?

When asked, over half of residents say they are interested in bicycling but are concerned about their safety out on streets with busy traffic. Protected bike lanes and a network of protected bikeways addresses this concern by getting residents out of traffic, on an adjacent, protected facility, while on-street, but physically separated from moving cars. Residents in other North American cities where protected bike lanes have been installed appreciate the improvements of protected bike lanes, and this is true even for residents who primarily walk and drive. And street improvements such as protected bike lanes are good for business too.

How Protected Bike Lanes Work

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