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Quick-Build Connections in Richmond

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: July 23, 2019

Two weeks ago we featured Walnut Creek’s Lincoln Avenue pop up cycle track, which just got approved for permanent installation, and this week we take a look at the latest accelerated projects in Richmond and Oakland. More comfortable connections are nearing completion to the soon-to-open Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Path and much safer pedestrian crossings have popped up near Lake Merritt BART including two protected intersections. All of these projects are built of paint, posts and signage, cheaply and quickly.

Quick Build Connections in Richmond

While you are waiting for a new bike path to open on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, safer connections to the bridge have opened, with more on the way.  New paint and post protected bike lanes are on the ground on Gerard Blvd., Ohio Ave., and Tewksbury Ave. in Richmond, already providing better connections between the Richmond Greenway and Point Richmond. Another cycle track is coming to Hoffman Blvd. near the Richmond Ferry, followed by a new pathway from Point Richmond to Point Molate. It’s all part of Bike East Bay’s push to accelerate the pace of new bikeway construction and improve regional connectivity.

Throughout the Richmond-San Rafael bridge project, we have pushed for bikeway connections to be made from the Richmond Greenway and Marin County to the Bridge. These connections are important because it means more people can access the path on the bridge itself, and not have their bike lane end blocks away. Regional planners agreed and funded the improvements, which you can now enjoy.

Richmond Ferry Service has also started, and keeps expanding, which already is helping reduce congestion on the Bridge. As more ferry boats are placed into service, more commuters will opt for a scenic waterfront view of San Francisco Bay. In addition, we are working with AC Transit to include $187 million in a new Contra Costa Transportation Expenditure Plan to fund expanded bus service to the Richmond Ferry.

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