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Businesses we have identified as potentially/definitely supportive of bike lanes on Park Blvd Oakland

If the business is listed as “supportive” please patronize them and thank them for their support. If the business is listed as “potentially supportive” please patronize them and ask them for their support-and carry your bike helmet inside with you. If you know the manager/owner of a potentially supportive business on or close to Park Blvd whose support can help us get bike lanes approved, please contact EBBC Advocacy Director Dave Campbell. Thanks for your help to build a comfortable bikeway on Park Blvd.

Bike-Supportive Businesses on Park Blvd
business address supportive status photo
Woody’s Cafe & Laudromat 1841 Park Blvd Supportive Great community coffee shop, sandwich shop and laundromat. Steve Ma the owner is supporive and quite active in the community to make lower Park Blvd a more vibrant neighborhood.  
Rooz Cafe 1918 Park Blvd Potentially Supportive Another good cafe and sandwich shop with bike racks out front.  
Park Burgers 4218 Park Blvd Supportive Delicious burgers and fries, with an awesome old map, super-large, wallpapered onto the side wall of the cafe–a must see!  
Ultimate Grounds Coffee Shop 4225 Park Blvd Potentially Supportive Upper Park Blvd’s go to morning coffee shop, sandwiches and smoothies.  
more coming!        


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