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Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 16, 2019

Terrific new infrastructure coming to you in 2020

Projects coming to you in 2020 include:

  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

    • ​A bicycle and pedestrian path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge has been in the works for decades. Throughout this project, Bike East Bay pushed for more: we won an additional $500,000 for bike lane and trail improvements to connect Richmond neighborhoods to the bridge, the waterfront, ferry service, and each other.                              
      The lane barrier was installed in October and we expect the path to open later this year. We can’t wait to ride with you across the bridge! Sign up for the latest at:


  • Fund the Future in Contra Costa County

    • ​The Contra Costa Transportation Authority has approved a new Transportation Expenditure Plan for the March 3, 2020 ballot. Major improvements to biking, walking, and transit have been a long time coming in Contra Costa County, and we’re ready to see the county step into the future by passing the measure on March 3. Learn more & get involved with this campaign at:


  • Build Out the Berkeley Bikeway Network

    • ​Piece by piece, we’re working to close the gaps in Berkeley’s bikeway network. Hearst Avenue, Adeline Street, Dana Street, and Milvia Street are all getting upgrades to protected bike lane segments soon. Stay tuned in 2020 for more updates:


  • Bus Rapid Transit: Oakland-San Leandro

    • Bus rapid transit from Downtown Oakland to San Leandro BART using primarily East 14th Street and International Boulevard has been twenty years in the making. Rapid service will make combining biking and transit much smoother for folks traveling through central Alameda County—plus you can wheel your bike right on board.


  • Cross Alameda Trail

    • ​The Cross Alameda Trail will be a low-stress, four-mile biking and walking corridor across the island from west to east. Bike Walk Alameda has been working on the vision for years, and we are one step closer with the grand opening of a one-mile segment along Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway, connecting to the new Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. With unanimous approval of an on-street cycle track on Clement Avenue by City Council in September, the Cross Alameda Trail is coming together, piece by piece. Read more:


  • 90th Avenue Scraper Bikeway

    • When Bike East Bay learned 90th Avenue in East Oakland was slated for repaving with new bike lanes, we turned to leaders in the community and got the Scraper Bike Team to the table. The Scraper Bike Team knew ordinary bike lanes were not the right fit for the neighborhood. Together, Bike East Bay and the Scraper Bike Team proposed a wide bike lane running down the center of 90th Avenue filled with brightly painted Scraper Bike wheels. Visit for the latest!


  • East 14th Street/Mission Boulevard

    • I​n Alameda County, East 14th Street and Mission Boulevard create one of the most important corridors in the region: together they create the major bus route and central business districts for San Leandro, Ashland, Cherryland, and Hayward. Taking the corridor one local project at a time, we’re pushing forward a long-term vision of complete protected bike lanes, rapid bus transit, and connected community in Alameda County.


  • Walnut Avenue in Fremont

    • A fully raised and separated cycle track is coming to Walnut Avenue in Fremont, from Paseo Padre Parkway to Mission Boulevard. The bikeway, which also includes multiple protected intersections, will connect to BART, libraries, and other public services. 


We have waited too long for people-first streets in the East Bay. Next year is our chance to change the future – but we can only do it with your support. Donate today.


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