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Nine ways Measure BB would improve BART

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 28, 2014

Vote Yes on Measure BB in Alameda County. Here are nine ways Measure BB will improve BART:

  1. Circulation in stations: that means better bike access!
  2. Station escalator and elevator rehabilitation/replacement=better accessibility for all
  3. Air conditioning, lighting, ambient environment, site, and other safety and comfort upgrades in and around stations (including bike parking!)
  4. Way-finding in stations, so you and your visitors can navigate the system effortlessly
  5. Bay Fair Connector/BART METRO
  6. Extension to Livermore along the I-580 corridor
  7. Irvington BART Station on Warm Springs extension (south of existing Fremont Station)
  8. Increased capacity (important as ridership increases)
  9. Increased operational flexibility (when there’s a problem, the whole system doesn’t suffer)

Vote Yes on Measure BB in Alameda County this Nov. 4.

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