Business Member: Sustainable Technologies

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Photo: From left, Enersto Montero, James Bauer, Sage Montero, and Rene Rodriguez in the bike repair room at Sustainable Technologies. 

Almost the entire staff at Sustainable Technologies bikes to work, making it a no-brainer for the environmental engineering firm to become a business member of Bike East Bay. Located in Alameda, CA, Sustainable Technologies specializes in contaminated groundwater cleanups using solar energy. The company’s core values are to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainable energy sources for the future. Its five employees live their values by regularly commuting by bike, promoting biking in the community, and supporting multiple local bicycle advocacy organizations in the Bay Area including Bike East Bay.

“We are passionate about public health and safety. If we could prevent one collision on the road, that means one saved life. That is why we support bicycle advocacy,” says Enersto Montenero, Operations Manager.  

Four out of five employees regularly commutes by bike. The company supports its bike culture with a DIY bike shop in their warehouse and by reimbursing its employees the cost of purchasing a bicycle, lights, and parts. On top of an obvious love for cycling, Sustainable Technologies has been actively engaged with local advocacy in Alameda Point, by working for safer bike access and adding a bike commuter program to the Alameda Point Transportation Agency program plan.

Office Manager Rene Rodriguez, doesn’t own a car and commutes from San Francisco to Alameda everyday using BART and bike. On Bike To Work Day, Rene will be volunteering at an Energizer Station in San Francisco before going to work. Rene says, “I bike because it is the easiest way to get around.”

Operations Manager Ernesto Montero emphasizes that the company supports cycling and biking advocacy as part of its vision. He sees the bicycle as an elegant solution to our transportation pollution problems and urban congestion. As a Business Member, the company helps Bike East Bay succeed in building more connected and safe bicycle infrastructure throughout the East Bay. Ernesto says he would love to see more large employers in the East Bay join Bike East Bay as business members and promote biking to work.

Construction Manager James Bauer, says, “The reason I bike is because it clears my mind, makes me more productive, helps me gather thoughts before work. It’s truly meditative.”

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