Alameda County Funds 14 New Protected Bike Lanes

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is recommending a 3-fold increase in funding for bike projects—over $100 million in the next 3 years. New bike projects include 14 protected bike lanes, 5 new bike paths, 3 bike-ped bridges and numerous roadway improvement projects that will include bike facilities. This increase is mostly Measure BB money, in which Bike East Bay secured significant bike $$$ and our volunteers committed over 500 hours to get approved by voters in 2014. Your hard work then is paying off now. For the recommended project list from Contra Costa County, see here.

Planning and final design for many of these projects will begin in the next year, with capital construction starting 2nd half of 2019. While the State’s hefty new transportation package includes a paltry 2% for bike ped projects and Washington threatens to defund bike ped projects altogether, this local transportation program funds 25% of its monies for bike ped projects. It is a bike-ped funding amount that is at least three times bigger than the substantial State Active Transportation Program funds received by East Bay cities. Local funding and control is important, and your continued engagement and support locally can help build these exciting new bikeway projects.

Featured bikeway projects recommended for funding in Alameda County and which Bike East Bay and our local partners have been working hard to deliver include:

  1. Central Avenue Complete Streets in Alameda: $3.4 million

  2. Southside Pilot Transit-Bike Project in Berkeley: $7.4 million

  3. Lakeside Family Streets in Oakland: $4.8 million

  4. Walnut Avenue Protected Bikeway in Fremont: $5 million

  5. East Bay Greenway South to Hayward: $12 million

  6. Milvia Street Bikeway Design in Berkeley: $350,000

  7. Complete Street Upgrades on Relinquished SR 84 in Fremont: $7.7 million

  8. 27th Street Complete Street in Oakland: $1.9 million

  9. Fruitvale Avenue Gap Closure in Oakland: $1.6 million

  10. Main Street Hayward: $1.5 million

  11. 9th Street Pathway Connection in Berkeley: $613,000

  12. Mission Blvd Phases 2 & 3 in Hayward: $12 million

  13. Iron Horse Trail Bridge Crossing final design in Dublin: $1.35 million

  14. LAMMPS Streetscape in Oakland: $2.5 million

  15. Clement Avenue Complete Street in Alameda: $11 million

  16. E.12th Street Bikeway in Oakland: $1.5 million

  17. Meekland Avenue Complete Street in Unincorporated Central Alameda: $9.3 million

  18. Buchanan Bikeway and San Pablo Ave Ped Improvements in Albany: $900,000

  19. San Francisco Bay Trail Doolittle Drive: $2.8 million

  20. Bay Trail Albany Beach to Buchanan: $600,000

  21. Emeryville South Bay Front Bridge: $2 million

  22. East Bay Greenway Trail Reach 6 in Fremont: $5.4 million

  23. Iron Horse Trail Gap Closure to Livermore: $1.8 million

  24. 14th Ave Streetscape to Highland Hospital in Oakland: $5.3 million

  25. Union Blvd Bike Lanes Phase 2: $7 million