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Measure BB Awards $217 Million

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: March 31, 2016

Thanks to funding made possible from voter approval of Measure BB in 2014, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) has now released its first major round of funding to capital projects throughout the County. A total of $217 million was awarded to 28 projects over the next five years, including multi-modal complete streets, new interchanges with bike access, the Oakland Army Base, and bike and pedestrian access to Warm Springs BART, and the money is available July 1 this year.

You may be particularly excited to know that $10 million was awarded to four complete street projects to redesign Telegraph Ave in North Oakland and Berkeley, San Pablo Ave the whole way in Alameda County, University Ave and Ashby Ave in Berkeley, all for better walking, bicycling and transit. Dublin Blvd received money to widen a section of Dublin Blvd downtown, which is another opportunity to add bike lanes. Even Mission Blvd in Hayward is getting a complete makeover with protected bike lanes.

A big thank you to all our members and volunteers for your help passing Measure BB, including our Contra Costa members. There are many opportunities to improve these projects with better walking and bicycling access, as most are in an early design phase, and all are governed by the voter-approved ‘complete street policy’ of Measure BB. We are also busy working to renew a similar transportation sales tax in Contra Costa–Measure J.

What You Can Do

  • Get involved to improve a project listed below in your city. Contact Bike East Bay Advocacy Director Dave Campbell, or your local working group [link]
  • Volunteer in Contra Costa County for Measure J to help your fellow Contra Costa Bike East Bay members significantly increase their local transportation sales tax dollars for bike ped projects
  • And get ready to vote yes in support of increasing needed transportation dollars at the ballot box this November, as several transportation-related ballot measures will be up for voter approval. Details coming soon on the ballot measures in your city

Alameda CTC Capital Improvement Program

City Project Amount (millions)


Irvington BART Station Scoping work



Warms Spring/South Fremont BART Station


San Leandro

Street repaving



Dublin Blvd widening



Dougherty Road widening to county line



14th Ave Streetscape



Mission Blvd


Alameda County

Hesperian Blvd



San Pablo Ave Mulitmodal Corridor Project



Telegraph Ave Multimodal Corridor Project



University Ave Mulitmodal Corridor Project



Ashby Ave Multimodal Corridor Project



Ashby/I-80 Interchange with new bike-ped bridge



South Bayfront Bridge



New freewayinterchanges with bike access along I-880

$ scoping funds


Port of Oakland projects

$46 million

Full List of Projects

Alameda CTC website

$217 million


Another round of grants will be awarded in 2017 for an additional two years of projects. If you don’t see a project on this list for your city, contact your local city planner to find out what you can do to get your city’s project ready for next year’s funding cycle.

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