Lafayette Downtown Congestion Study

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: November 21, 2015

The City of Lafayette is conducting a Downtown Congestion Study and wants to know what you think. This website will serve as a way of communicating information to the public and receiving input from you. So, bookmark it to stay informed.

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This study, funded by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the City of Lafayette, takes a comprehensive look at how to deliver solutions that solve Lafayette’s numerous transportation challenges, mainly in the downtown core. We recognize that a great deal of work has been done over the years to address congestion in this area, but little has been done to build a safe bikeway network. These studies have considered ways to alleviate traffic congestion and parking issues, provide better transit service, improve the pedestrian and bicycle network, and enhance safety. Some projects have been successfully implemented, but many have not because of high costs, unattractive trade-offs, and/or a lack of community consensus.

Lafayette recognizes that transportation issues in Downtown Lafayette are complex with no “quick-fix” solutions. Lafayette will build on the previous recommendations, and go a step further to consider a wide range of solutions, from additional incremental improvements to potential “moonshots” or “game changers”. Lafayette will evaluate the strategies and projects holistically and use a range of performance metrics to better understand the combined costs, benefits, and trade-offs. The performance metrics will consider how well the strategies reduce congestion, improve travel times and delay, reduce auto trips, increase active modes of travel such as walking or biking, and improve safety. This comprehensive analysis will help us to build consensus around a set of feasible strategies and projects most preferred by the community. The City of Lafayette will then seek ways to fund and implement these measures.

City of Lafayette Staff

Tony Coe, City Engineer
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James Hinkamp, Transportation Planner
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