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While all 5 City Councilmembers heard your calls for a safer street and agree that one day Dublin will need to add bike lanes, none are ready to take out travel lanes today to stripe bike lanes on Dublin Blvd so you can safely get to Dublin’s shopping destinations. They want to leave this challenge to a future City Council. You can help us get them ready sooner!

Contact your Dublin City Council member and ask that all of the other bikeway improvements proposed for Downtown Dublin be accelerated and implemented in the next 3 years, including improved bike lanes on Amador Valley Blvd, Amador Plaza Rd, Regional Rd and Village Pkwy. Be sure to thank them for their support for these new bikeways, but remind them that Dublin needs to do a better job of making streets safe for bicycling for people who ride today, as well as thousands who will be riding in the future. The City Council needs to “see” more people on bikes, and more bikeways will make the difference.

photo of Dublin Blvd currently

What you can do:

  • Contact your Dublin City Council member:

Mayor Tim Sbranti

Don Biddle

Kevin Hart

David Haubert

Abe Gupta



Dublin Blvd Bike Lane Action Page

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