Albany Bay Trail maintenance

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The Albany section of the Bay Trail has been reported several times in the past for 3 and 4 feet of overgrowth blocking the trail. It is currently overgrown again, right up to the city limit (CalTrans does a good job of maintaining the trail north of there). UPDATE 10-24-15: Submitted to Albany PW, both acting director & maintenance dep't. CalTrans & EBRPD both point to Albany as the responsible party. UPDATE 10-27-15: Gale at APW responded with the query: "Thank you Ian. PW is required to perform maintenance from the end of bike path (west of freeways) to the waterfront. Is this the area you are referring to?" Sent note to reporter and told Gale, awaiting response. UPDATE 10-28-15: BikeEquality staff confirmed: "That'd be the section, from Buchanan north to the county line, primarily the area within 100feet of the line. If they could maintain this area every 6 months or so that would prevent the overgrowth from becoming a hazard in the future. If they could also sweep promptly without leaving thorns and other debris in the path (they usually leave it for a few hours before sweeping) that would also prevent a hazard (mostly from flat tires)." Relayed to APW. UPDATE 10-30-15: Albany deferred to EBRPD; I relayed to my contacts. DATE 11-3-15: Scott Possin of EBRPD cited CalTrans as the responsible party for this stretch. He reached out to ALIREZA REZAEE (Branch Chief, Maintenance Agreements & District Communications Center) who posted it as work to be done.