Hazardous Drainage Grate on Stanley at Isabel in Livermore

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at March 3, 2015 - 12:39pm
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The drainage grate in the bike lane at the intersection of Stanley Blvd. and Isabel has parallel bars without cross bars. As I was coming around the corner from Isabel, making a right turn on Stanley, I fell right through. I was thrown forward and hit my chin (nearly breaking my jaw - the mandible) and broke one finger and sprained the others as I fell. I've attached a photo of the grate, taken the day after I went to the ER. All of the other grates on Stanley have cross-bars to prevent bike tires from falling through. In fact, a Google search of the intersection shows that the grate was previously covered and marked with warning pylons. However, it was completely open with no markers the day I fell through. UPDATE 3-4-15: Submitted via Livermore's citywide online form, as well as a personal email to Public Works, complete with the photo (thanks!) as well as a call-out regarding the serious injury that resulted from the deficient grate.

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