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Guide the City of San Pablo’s Bike Priorities: Join the Safety Commission

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: May 24, 2017

The City of San Pablo’s second and final community meeting to discuss the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was well attended. Students from Richmond High, community members, and members of the West County Regional Group provided input on the city’s proposed bikeway and pedestrian network. They weighed options on proposed study corridors. And they helped prioritize various programs the city could implement to encourage bicycling and walking. 
The City of San Pablo doesn’t have a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee – their bike plans and projects go to the Safety Commission for review. Members of the Safety Commission were present, but they remarked that few of them rode bikes, and that there were two vacancies that needed to be filled. The San Pablo Safety Commission meets quarterly on every last Wednesday of the month of January, April, July and October at 6:30 PM. Agenda items typically cover a broad range of safety issues, hearing police and traffic reports as well. 
Want to get involved? Join the Safety Commission and guide the City of San Pablo’s street priorities. Fill out this form and drop it off or send it to the City Clerk’s Department. 
Back to the draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, here’s the proposed bikeway network: 
In addition to the proposed bikeway network above, the city proposes to study the following corridors for enhanced bike infrastructure:
  • San Pablo Ave
  • Broadway Ave
  • Giant Road
  • San Pablo Dam Road

Giant Road in particular is promising: it has minimal driveways since it runs along the train track and could provide an integral connection for residents of Parchester village. Even more promising are two important projects the city has been working on for some time, that have just been awarded funding for construction:  

  • Rumrill Blvd/13th Street corridor – $5,300,000
  • Plaza San Pablo Greenway Trail  – $1,280,000 

Check out the draft plan materials. But most of all, consider joining the Safety Commission or being a voice for positive bicycle change in San Pablo. It’s an exciting time to get involved with so many great projects in the work, and we want someone on the commission who recognizes the value of great bike ways. Let us know you’re interested – email [email protected]

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